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From Alaska to Florida, the United States is a diverse place. How much do you know about American geography?

By area, which U.S. state is the largest?

Alaska is far and away the largest state in the country. It has more than 660,000 square miles of land and water.


The state of Texas has how many square miles of land and water within its borders?

Texas is a huge satte, with more than 268,000 square miles within its borders. But it's not even half as big as Alaska's sprawl.


The highest peaks of the Rocky Mountains are found in which state?

Colorado is home to the tallest peaks of the Rockies. The tallest is Mount Elbert, which is 14,400 feet high.


How many major mountain ranges are there in the United States?

There are three major mountain ranges, including the Rocky Mountains, the Appalachian Mountains and the Sierra Nevada Mountains.


Which mountain range has the single tallest mountain in the contiguous lower 48 states?

The Sierra Nevadas are home to Mount Whitney, which at 14,505 feet is the tallest peak in the Lower 48.


Where would you find the geographic center of the lower 48 states?

Smith County, Kansas, which is near Lebanon, is the geographical center of the contiguous 48 states.


At its widest point, how wide is the Sierra Nevada mountain range?

Near Lake Tahoe, the range sprawls to about 80 miles wide. At the southern point of the range, it is about 50 miles wide.


How many of the Great Lakes are situated entirely within the borders of the United States?

Of the five Great Lakes, only one (Lake Michigan) lies inside the country's borders.


Compared to other countries in terms of geographic size, how big is the United States?

The U.S. is a pretty large country, third largest in the world, behind Russia and Canada.


The Interior Plains of America are better known as what?

The Interior Plains are the Great Plains, a vast area of flat expanses and rolling hills that make for some of the best farming and ranching lands on Earth.


What U.S. state does NOT partially border Canada?

Connecticut doesn’t share a border with Canada, as Vermont and Maine do.


Which state is home to the southernmost point of the United States?

Hawaii is the southernmost point of the U.S. Ka Lae (South Cape) is a windy place and home to a large wind farm.


What is the smallest state in the United States?

With only 1,545 square miles within its borders, Rhode Island is the smallest state in the country. Delaware and Connecticut are second- and third-smallest, respectively.


What's the deepest point of Crater Lake, which is the deepest lake in the United States?

Crater Lake is the seventh-deepest lake in the entire world. At some points it is 1,950 feet deep.


Which is the largest national park in the U.S.?

Wrangell-St. Elias National Park is the biggest by far, encompassing around 13 million acres. The Gates of the Arctic is second-largest, with 8.5 million acres.


What is the largest national park in the Lower 48?

In the Lower 48 states, Death Valley is the biggest national park. Yellowstone is the most famous park, but it is only the eighth largest.


Which state is home to the westernmost point of the country?

Cape Wrangell is located on Attu Island in Alaska. It is the westernmost point of the United States.


Which river makes up the big bend that inspired the name for Big Bend National Park in Texas?

The Rio Grande River makes up part of the border between Texas and Mexico, and it also creates the "big bend" that inspired the name of Big Bend National Park.


How far below sea level is Death Valley?

Death Valley (in California) is 282 feet below sea level. In summer, Death Valley is one of the hottest locations on the planet.


Mount Nebo is the highest peak in which mountain range?

Mount Nebo is the highest peak in the Wasatch Mountains. Nebo comes up just short of 12,000 feet tall.


The Wasatch Mountains do NOT extend into which state?

You won't find the Wasatch Mountains in Montana -- they are mostly in Utah and Idaho.


What is the country's longest river?

The Missouri River, at more than 2,340 miles long, is the longest river in America.


How many mountain peaks in America are higher than 14,000 feet?

There are 96 peaks topping at least 14,000 feet. Of the 96, 53 alone are located in Colorado.


The Snake River begins in Wyoming. Where does it end?

The Snake River is a famous Wyoming river that is more than 1,000 miles long. It eventually connects with the Columbia River in Washington.


In which state does the Mississippi River begin?

The Mississippi River takes form in Minnesota, and it flows southward toward the Gulf of Mexico.


How many states contribute to the watershed of the Mississippi River?

As the Mississippi River flows towards the Gulf of Mexico, 31 states drain into its massive volume. Two Canadian provinces also add to the river's flow.


Where would you find a volcano that's been continously erupting since 1983?

In Hawaii you'd find Kilauea, a volcano that's been erupting since 1983. Fortunately, the volcano's eruptions don't affect or harm locals.


Which state is NOT part of the breadbasket (or agricultural center) of the country?

Texas is too far south to be considered part of the breadbasket area, which accounts for the bulk of the country's grain production.


Which area of the country has the most general coastline?

Thanks to Alaska, the Pacific Coast has about 7,600 miles of coastline. The Atlantic Coast has about 2,000 miles, and the Gulf Coast around 1,600 miles.


Where would you find the highest point of the U.S.?

Alaska, of course, is home to Denali, the tallest mountain in the country. Denali is 20,236 feet tall.


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