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Situated between the Las Vegas and Salt Lake City airports, Great Basin National Park is a fine example of high desert and alpine terrains. Take this quiz and enjoy one of Nevada's natural treasures.

Where is the Great Basin National Park located?

It is located in Eastern Nevada.


Between which mountain ranges is Great Basin located?

It lies between the Rocky Mountains and the Sierra Nevada.


When was the park established?

It was established in 1986.


How big is the park?

It covers an area of 77,180 acres (25,812 hectares).


Which mountain range actually runs through the park?

The Snake Range runs through the park.


How many fault-block mountains are there in Great Basin?

There are about 100.


What is one of the main attractions?

This would be the extensive labyrinth of underground tunnels and rooms comprising the Lehman Caves.


How many species of birds are found in the park?

You have 238 species.


What is regarded as the centerpiece of the park other than the Lehrman Caves?

Wheeler Peak is the centerpiece of Great Basin.


How much precipitation does the high country of the Snake Range receive?

It receives about 30 inches (76 cm) annually.


How high is Wheeler Peak?

It is 13,063 feet (3,980 meters) high.


What is located near the summit of Wheeler Peak?

The only glacier in Great Basin lies near the summit.


Which is one of the most popular hiking trails?

Alpine Lakes Loop Trail is one of the most popular.


How long is this trail?

It is 2.7 miles (4.3 kilometers) long.


What wildlife is found near the summit of Wheeler Peak?

There are pikas (small mammals of the rabbit family) and marmots.


Where are the Lehrman Caves located?

They are on the slopes of Wheeler Peak, at an altitude of 6,800 feet.


What attraction is located in the Lexington Canyon?

The Lexington Arch rises from the floor of Lexington Canyon.


What is special about this attraction?

Most arches in Western America are formed from sandstone, whereas this arch is made of limestone.


Who gave the park its name?

It was named by John C. Fremont, one of the first white explorers in the mid-19th century.


Who or what was Prometheus?

It was a tree that was estimated to have existed for 4,844 years before it was cut down in 1964.


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