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It isn't easy to remember which ancient gods and goddesses are Greek and which are Roman. Take this quiz to see if you can separate the Greek from the Roman.

Who's the king of the Greek gods?

For better or worse, Zeus runs the show.

Who's married to Zeus (and thus the queen of the Greek gods)?

Hera is the Greek goddess of marriage and childbirth — and also Zeus' sister.

Who's the Roman version of Hera?

Juno is the wife/sister of the king of the Roman gods.

Who is the king of the Roman gods?

Jupiter is the king of the Roman gods.

Who is Zeus' father?

Kronos (Cronos/Cronus) is the father of the gods and goddesses of Mount Olympus.

What is Kronos' Roman name?

Kronos is otherwise known as Saturn.

Who is the mother of the gods and goddesses of Mount Olympus?

Rhea was the sister and wife of Kronos.

Who's the Greek god of war?

Ares (Mars to the Romans) is the god of war.

Hermes is the messenger of the Greek gods. Who's his Roman counterpart?

Mercury is the messenger of the Roman gods.

Hermes was said to bring the dead to the underworld. Who is the Greek god of the underworld?

Hades is Hermes' uncle (half-uncle?) and welcomes the dead to the underworld.

Who's the Roman god of the underworld?

Pluto is Hades' Roman counterpart.

Who's the Roman god of love?

Cupid (Eros to the Greeks) is the god of love.

Who's the Roman goddess of love?

Venus represents love and beauty.

Uranus has basically the same Greek and Roman name. What is he the god of?

Uranus/Ouranus is also known as Father Sky.

Who's another god who has the same Greek and Roman name?

Apollo is always Apollo.

What is Apollo the god of?

Apollo is the god of music, along with prophecy, healing and — strangely — the plague.

Who's Apollo's twin sister?

Artemis and Apollo are the children of Zeus and Leto, a minor goddess of motherhood.

Who's the Roman version of Artemis?

Diana and Artemis are goddesses of the hunt.

It's pretty easy to tell that Victoria is the Roman goddess of victory. Who is her Greek counterpart?

Nike is also known as the Winged Goddess of Victory.

The goddess of the underworld has similar Greek and Roman names. Her Greek name is Persephone — what's her Roman name?

Proserpina is the Roman goddess of the underworld

Persephone is the daughter of Zeus and the Greek goddess of the harvest. What's the name of Persephone's mother?

Demeter and Zeus are the parents of Persephone.

What's Demeter's Roman name?

Ceres is the Roman goddess of the harvest.

Who is Zeus' sister and the Greek goddess of the hearth?

At birth, Hestia and her siblings were eaten by their father, Kronos, and vomited back up in reverse order. Yep.

Who is Hestia's Roman counterpart?

Vesta was Kronos and Rhea's first child.

Besides Jupiter, who are Vesta's brothers?

Pluto and Neptune, the Roman gods of the underworld and the sea, respectively, are Vesta and Jupiter's brothers.

Which Greek goddess came straight out of Zeus' head, no mother necessary?

Zeus swallowed Athena's pregnant mother (long story), and Athena came from inside his head.

What is Athena the goddess of?

Even though Athena was born wearing full armor, she's the goddess of wisdom, not war.

What is Athena's Roman name?

Minerva is also the goddess of medicine.

Who is Athena's half-brother and the gatekeeper of Mount Olympus?

Heracles (known as Hercules to the Romans) is the son of Zeus. His mother's identity depends on who you ask.

What is Heracles/Hercules the god of?

Heracles represents health and strength, among other things.

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