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Saturday morning television lives on Nickelodeon. If you're a fan of "Green Acres" from way back or from Nickelodeon reruns, take this quiz to test your knowledge.

Just for fun, do you remember the name of Fred and Doris Ziffel's son? If you said Arnold Ziffel, you're right. But do you remember that Arnold was a pig? That was just one of the many charms of Hooterville.

Green Acres was a '60s sitcom that ran for six seasons and a total of 170 episodes. In this classic treat, attorney Oliver Wendell Douglas (played by Eddie Albert) moves to the country to become a farmer and get away from the big city. His wife, Lisa, played by Eva Gabor, isn't quite as thrilled with the move. The show is all about the hilarious struggles that Oliver and Lisa face in Hooterville (hey, remember how Lisa pronounced "Hooterville"? Hilarious!).

What we want to know is, why, if Oliver wanted to move to a more simple life, is he always so extremely annoyed by the lack of big-city savvy displayed by the residents of Hooterville. Ok, we'll refrain from picking apart the show and just enjoy the funny memories.

How well do you think you'll do on this quiz. Let's get started to find out.

What is the name of the pig in "Green Acres"?

Forget the actors — the real star of the show is the pig Arnold Ziffel, who counts getting drafted into the Army and falling in love with a dog named Cynthia among his many adventures.


What is the name of Arnold's owner?

Farmer Fred Ziffel and his wife Doris are the proud owners of Arnold, whom they treat like a son.


What year did the show premiere?

"Green Acres" ran for 170 episodes over six seasons, from 1965 to 1971.


Where is "Green Acres" set?

The Douglas family moves from the borough of Manhattan in New York City to a farm on the outskirts of Hooterville, where they hope to live a simpler life.


Who sells the Douglas family a farm when they move to Hooterville?

Con man Eustace Haney swindles the Douglases when he sells them a farm, then continues to scam them throughout the series in every way he can.


True or false: "Green Acres" started as a radio show.

S.J. Perelman's "Granby's Green Acres" inspired a radio show in 1950, which in turn inspired the TV show.


Who starred as Oliver Douglas on the show?

Eddie Albert played Manhattan lawyer Oliver Douglas, who leaves Park Avenue hoping to escape the rat race.


What is the name of Oliver's wife?

Eva Gabor plays Oliver's wife, Lisa, a well-to-do immigrant from Hungary.


Who calls Lisa and Oliver "Mom" and "Dad"?

Hired farm hand Eb Dawson bizarrely refers to his employers as "Mom" and "Dad."


What is Lisa's specialty dish?

Lisa's "hotscakes" are legendary in Hooterville and can be used to shingle a roof or repair a blown engine.


True or false: One of the carpenters is a women.

Alf and Ralph, better known as Mary, are brother and sister, but they pretend that Mary is a male to win more carpentry jobs.


Who runs the general store in Hooterville?

Sam Drucker is not only general store proprietor, but he also manages the post office and the town's only newspaper.


Who is the scatterbrained county agent who frequently visits Hooterville?

Hank Kimball, played by Alvy Moore, serves as the local agricultural agent.


Where is the Douglas family telephone located?

When the Hooterville Phone Co. finally puts in a phone for the family, they decide to install it at the top of a nearby telephone pole.


What do you have to do to join the Hooterville Fire Department?

Oliver is shocked to learn that volunteer firefighters in Hooterville need only to play a musical instrument to join the department.


What is the name of Oliver's mother?

Eleanor Audley plays Eunice, who often teams up with Lisa to gang up on poor Oliver.


Where is Arnold when everyone thinks he's been pignapped?

Arnold goes to Pixley to attend a movie and have an ice cream, leaving the Hooterville gang fearing he's been kidnapped.


What play does Arnold star in on his way to Hollywood?

Arnold plays a police dog in "Who Killed Jock Robin?" — shortened to "Who?" to fit the Hooterville marquee.


What animal does Arnold replace when he lands a role in a Hollywood blockbuster?

Arnold takes the lead role from a horse but drops out so the horse can keep the part, so that the horse can send his son to college.


Who moves in with the Douglas family at the start of season six?

Lisa and Lori form such a strong bond in "The City Kids" that Lori moves in with the Douglas family for a month.


What job does Oliver take on during a season three story arc?

Oliver gets so fed up with the Hooterville Phone Co. that he takes over as president in a hope to reform operations.


True or false: Arnold the pig is the richest "person" in Hooterville.

Arnold inherits a cool $20 million during season five.


What show is "Green Acres" a spinoff of?

"Green Acres" featured many of the same characters and locations as "Petticoat Junction," with both series also drawing inspiration from "The Beverly Hillbillies."


Where do Oliver and Lisa go in the series finale?

Lisa convinces Oliver to take her on a fifth honeymoon to Hawaii in the final episode of the show.


What year was "Return to Green Acres" released?

"Return to Green Acres" premiered 25 years after the series began and featured many of the same cast members.


What Hooterville resident is in cahoots with a developer in the film?

In "Return to Green Acres," a developer hires Mr. Haney to help convince the local residents to sell their homes.


What do the Hooterville residents use to convince Mr. Haney that their land is worthless?

The residents get their land back at no cost after they convince Haney that an earthquake fault line runs right through Hooterville.


What is the name of Fred and Doris' niece in the film?

When the developer's son falls for Daisy Ziffel, plans to replace Hooterville with a big city are squashed.


What is the name of Eb Dawson's wife in "Return to Green Acres"?

Eb, who was both farm hand and "son" to Oliver and Lisa, is married to Flo, played by actress Lucy Lee Flippin.


How many kids do Eb and his wife have?

At the end of "Return to Green Acres," Flo learns she is pregnant with twins, giving the Dawsons a total of eight children.


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