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They are some of the smartest and toughest people in the United States military. How much do know about the legendary Green Berets?

What symbols are featured on the shoulder sleeve insignia of the Special Forces?

Wearing one of these insignias is considered one of the greatest honors in military service.


A Special Forces soldier that understands surveying, demolition and construction likely has what job title?

If you need something built (or destroyed) this is the guy in charge.


What is the People's Republic of Pineland?

Trainees develop and execute their own plans for infiltrating this made-up "country."


What does SERE training teach Special Ops soldiers?

It stands for Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape.


When are Green Berets first allowed to don their famous hats?

After they complete the sixth phase of training, they are officially Green Berets.


Why are Special Forces members allowed to grow beards when most military men must be clean-shaven?

Many of their missions take them to places where beards are common among the locals.


How long must a Special Forces soldier attend a language course, at minimum?

Some languages require 25 weeks; they have to pass a proficiency test at the end of the course.


A team of Special Forces soldiers is called what?

In short, they may be called ODAs or A-Teams (yes, just like the TV show).


Which of the following is NOT one of the five primary missions of the Green Berets?

They might rescue hostages but that task is not considered a primary purpose.


How many different languages are taught at the U.S. Air Force Special Operations School?

All Green Berets must know at least one foreign language.


Which U.S. president officially allowed berets to become a part of the Special Forces' uniforms?

He was enthralled with their exceptional capabilities and wanted to honor them.


When the Green Berets invaded Afghanistan in 2001, what did they borrow from the Northern Alliance?

Sometimes old-school transportation is actually more effective in tough terrain.


How many soldiers typically make up a Green Beret operational team?

Each of the soldiers has a special skill or knowledge that's critical to the mission's success.


What is Robin Sage?

It's also called UW CULEX and it lasts for four weeks, on a 50,000-square-mile area of North Carolina.


What is the average age of a Special Forces officer?

And they are likely married, with two kids; domestic stability is important to the military.


How many medical sergeants are included in each Green Beret team?

There are also two each of the weapons, communications and engineering sergeants.


In what year were the Special Forces established?

And since then, they have been deployed all over the world.


How many phases make up the Special Forces Qualification Course, or "Q-School?"

It includes 12 weeks of tactical combat skills and seven weeks of orientation, among other important elements.


What is the motto of the Green Berets?

They are among the best of the best in military service anywhere in the world.


What is NOT a nickname for the Special Forces?

They are also sometimes called "The Quiet Professionals" who use their brains more than their brawn.


If your Military Occupation Specialty is 18B, what role do you have in Special Forces?

These folks know how to use all manner of weapons, from pistols to bazookas, domestic models and foreign.


Why do the green berets of the Special Forces have black flashes on the border?

They were honoring a man who publicly respected their work and dedication.


Special Forces medics are NOT trained to perform what medical duties?

OK, a few can probably do eye surgery, too; on the whole they have an immensely well-rounded range of skills necessary in a diverse environment.


Why are Special Operations medics trained to deal with animal medicine?

The local population is much friendlier (and more helpful) if you can help them with their livestock.


Green Berets are allowed to wear their trademark hats for the rest of their lives.

They may wear the berets while they are serving with their Special Ops unit.


If a Special Ops team member completes MFF training he or she is particularly qualified for what?

The Military Free-Fall team is particularly adept at various missions that require parachute insertion.


About how many soldiers serve in the U.S. Special Forces?

They are known for their elite performance and expertise instead of overwhelming numbers.


How many years of conventional military training do Special Ops soldiers generally have before being recruited as Green Berets?

These types of soldiers often see the Army as a long-term career path.


What's the official name for the Green Berets?

The "Green Beret" is a nickname of sorts for this Army Special Forces group, which wears distinctive green hats.


What was Project "Green Light?"

If the Soviets had set off to conquer Europe during the Cold War, the men in the Green Light project would be parachuted to key locations and told to destroy them (committing suicide in the process).


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