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With so many builders joining the green revolution, it's hard to know what makes a truly green professional. Take this quiz to see if you can recognize what is takes to be an educated green contractor!

Any contractor can claim to be a green contractor.

Any contractor can, indeed, call himself green, whether he's certified, self-taught or just claiming to be educated in green practices.


There is only one certification that signifies a true green contractor.

There are dozens of organizations on both the state and national levels that offer green design and building certifications.


Green construction facilitates cost savings, healthier living and greater comfort for homeowners.

Lower energy bills, fewer pollutants and better temperature regulation are just some of the benefits of green construction.


A homeowner needs to become an expert in green construction before hiring a green contractor.

You should get to know the basics of green construction, and the contractor you hire should also educate you as part of the services.


Green contractors have no need to understand climate and its impact on building design.

The climate in which a home is located plays a big part in decisions such as house orientation, the direction windows face and what sort of roof to build.


Green contracting can refer to functions beyond the actual construction.

Any contractor that plays a part in a build or remodel can be a green contractor, including interior decorators, landscapers and electricians.


Almost all home weaknesses are easily detected during a contractor's first visit.

Many problems, such as drafts or insect infestation, may be detected on a first visit. However, whole-home systems such as water conservation and whether resealing is needed may require deeper inspection.


Good green contractors are hard to find.

Finding a good green contractor is getting easier all the time since so many contractors are earning certifications. Ask friends and associates, or check the Web site of an organization that offers certifications in the type of construction you need.


The references green contractors provide should be clients whose homes they just finished.

To evaluate how satisfied clients are with a green contractor, references should be from jobs at least a year or two old to gauge how well the home is performing and if the quality of work has lead to many repairs.


During a renovation, it's as important that the materials going out of the home stay green as those coming in.

All materials removed during a green remodel should be recycled -- or at least as many as possible!


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