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Making environmentally conscious changes to your lifestyle doesn't have to break the family bank. Take this quiz to learn about some easy ways to save your money and planet.

What uses up to 85 percent of your washing machine's energy?

Heating water expends the most energy from your washing machine.


How does lowering your thermostat in the winter help the environement?

Lowering your thermostat means using less energy, which cuts down on cabon dioxide emissions.


What can your family easily make at home to save money on household products?

Cleaning products can be easily and effectively made at home, without harmful chemicals.


Which of these is the main ingredient for an easy homeade beauty product?

Olive oil is a great alternative to expensive make-up removers.


Approximately how many pounds of clothes does the average family throw away each year?

On average, we put 68 pounds of clothes a year into our landfills per household.


How does buying used clothes save you money, besides simply a cheaper price tag?

Higher quality merchandise can be bought at a better value when buying second hand, reducing fast turnover of apparel.


What might you find in an energy audit that will save money?

Air or water leaks can be caulked or adjusted to save energy bills.


How much money did ENERGY STAR appliances save in utitlity bills last year?

Energy-efficient ENERGY STAR appliances saved $18 billion in utility costs, while also reducing environmental harm.


Using reusable grocery store bags certainly helps the environment. When Ireland passed a levy on plastic bags, what happened?

Plastic bag consumption in Ireland dropped from 328 a year to 21 a year after a 2002 levy was imposed on them.


What is an effective strategy for cutting down household paper waste?

Paperless billing and removing your addresses from junk mail lists can make a huge difference in paper waste.


What's an advantage to recycling?

Sites like give discounts and coupons for recycling.


How can you make your kids' lunch a lot more environmentally friendly without a lot more cost?

Reusing plastic stoarage containers and avoiding single-serving drink packages are great ways to reduce your children's lunch waste.


How much energy (on average) is used when your computer is fully charged and still plugged into to a power source?

A fully charged, plugged in laptop will use roughly 29 watts of energy, even when not in use.


What are three ways to use less energy in appliances?

Using low-energy lightbulbs, a faucet aerator, and a low flow shower will all decrease energy use.


What do you need to buy to save less money on gas?

By simply walking more, using your car less, and utilizing carpools, you don't have to buy a thing to use less gas.


What is NOT a cost-savings effective way of saving money on gas?

Simply adding another car to your household is not helping the environment. Bike, walk,use public transportation and carpool instead.


What is one food item we could cut out once a week to make a profound effect on our environment (and wallet)?

Going meatless one day a week would contribute to cost savings, and also cut down on manufacturing waste and pollution.


What does an average family spend a year on eating out?

The average family spends $4000 a year eating out.


What common household item is dangerous to throw away?

Electronics--including computers--have toxic chemicals that can be extremely dangerous if leaked into landfills. Always recycle electronics.


Reducing American meat consumption by 20 percent would be equivalent to what?

If Americans ate 20 percent less meat, it would be equal to every American replacing their standard sedan with a highly efficient Toyota Prius.


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