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Hate cleaning your home's bathrooms, floors, windows and curtains? Especially when you feel dizzy or nauseous from inhaling all those chemicals in the cleaning products? If so, make your house cleaning a more enjoyable experience by taking this quiz on how to clean green.

What are four green items you can use to clean your house?

Four items that make for effective green cleaners are salt, lemon juice, baking soda and vinegar.


What is a good green cleaning solution for your windows?

You can clean your windows with four tablespoons lemon juice mixed with a gallon of water or with rubbing alcohol and witch hazel.


What can you use to polish the windows after you have cleaned them?

A green way to polish your windows is to rub them with an old shirt or cloth diaper. Even though it does recycle newspapers to use them, they do make a lot of mess.


What can you use to clean vinyl?

Dip a cloth in straight lemon juice and rub it on stains on vinyl upholstery or tiles.


What do furniture polishes and the like contain that make them environmentally unfriendly?

Furniture polishes and other cleaning products contain poisonous solvents and petroleum distillates.


What is the recipe for homemade furniture polish?

To make homemade furniture polish, mix two parts of olive oil with one part lemon juice and apply it to furniture with a soft cloth.


To get rid of stains on wood furniture caused by hot items, what can you use?

Apply a thin paste of oil and salt and buff it with a soft cloth.


How can you keep the smell of fresh paint at bay?

Place little bowls of vinegar around a room that is being painted to absorb the odor of the fresh paint.


What green ingredients can you use to polish metal?

Mix equal parts of flour, salt and vinegar. Paste it on and leave to dry for an hour, before rubbing it off.


What can you use to polish pewter?

Pewter is a soft metal and needs delicate care. Mix a paste of one teaspoon salt, one cup of vinegar and enough flour to form a paste; apply, leave for an hour and then rinse in warm water.


How can you get rid of smoke and soot stains from your fireplace?

Apply a paste of cream of tartar and water to the soot and smoke stains, let it dry and then scrub it off.


What can you use to clean your hard floors?

You can use one cup of vinegar diluted with one gallon of warm water to clean ceramic, wood, vinyl and linoleum floors. Just remember to use warm water for more cleaning power.


In the 1970s, what was the average size of a house?

The average size of a house in the 1970s was 1,500 square feet. In 2001 it was 2,300 square feet.


What is the name of the online community which organizes the giving away of unused items?

The name of the online community is Freecycle. You need to sign up and you will receive an email list of items for take in your locale.


What does the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommend when it comes to the ducts of you heating and cooling system?

The EPA recommends that you have your duct system inspected by a professional. If they do find contaminants, it is best to have them cleaned out by a professional.


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