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Get smart and stop using laundry products that may be harmful to your home and family. Knowing how to use the "Fantastic Four" products to clean your clothes is eco-friendly. Take this quiz to find out how to get your laundry really green.

Which cleaning product is a member of the "Fantastic Four"?

Vinegar, baking soda, salt and lemon juice are the "Fantastic Four."


What is the minimum water temperature to most effectively clean your clothing?

To really clean your clothes, water temperature of at least 80 degrees F (27 C)is necessary.


Why should you replace your washing machine from 1981?

Today's washing machines are much more efficient than older models. Don’t replace a working washing machine, but when it is time to retire your old washer you will be pleased with the new machine's improved efficiency.


What is the universal standard for phosphate use in detergents?

At this time, there is no universal standard.


What are most detergents made from?

Most detergents are made from synthetic petrochemicals.


Where do synthetic petrochemicals come from?

Synthetic petrochemicals come from oil.


How do soaps differ from detergents?

Soaps are made with natural products, and detergents are made with synthetic materials.


Why may it be difficult to wash clothes with soap?

For homes with hard water, soap may be difficult to rinse from clothes.


How can you brighten your whites, and also dry green?

To dry your clothes the green way, hang your clothes in the sunshine, and direct sunlight may brighten your whites.


What is the most eco-friendly washing machine?

Front-loading washing machines are the most eco-friendly.


Where is a clothes dryer's Energy Star label?

You will not find an Energy Star label, because the energy use for all manufacturers and models of clothes dryers is about the same.


What does a clothes dryer's moisture sensor do?

The moisture sensor measures the amount of moisture in clothing, and turns the machine off when moisture is gone.


What may boost your laundry detergent?

To boost your laundry detergent, add baking soda to your load.


Vinegar and water make a good laundry:

Vinegar and water, when sprayed on, make a good laundry pre-treatment for many stains.


Vinegar may be used to __________ clothes.

To soften clothes, add vinegar to your rinse cycle.


What may lemon juice do for your whites?

Lemon juice may whiten your whites, and will permeate your clothes with a fresh scent.


Why may you want to forgo dry cleaning?

Dry cleaning is not eco-friendly, and some of the chemicals used may be hazardous.


What may dryer sheets contain?

Dryer sheets may contain ingredients that could irritate the skin or cause other health problems.


How may using fabric softeners reduce the life of clothing?

Fabric softeners may build up on clothes, and this build-up may reduce the life of the clothing.


Which whitening product is on the list of the Terrible Ten products?

Bleach is on the Terrible Ten list. To whiten whites, a green alternative is to use lemon juice instead of bleach.


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