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Power tools don't have to be annoying and damaging to the environment. With more and more people jumping on the green bandwagon, there are more options than ever for avoiding power tools. Take this quiz to see how much you know about green tools!

You can use gas-powered chainsaws ...

Gasoline-powered chainsaws emit dangerous carbon monoxide gas, so they should never be used in an enclosed space like a garage or shed.


For its size and weight, the most powerful rechargeable battery is...

Lithium-ion batteries operate at higher voltages than other rechargeables: roughly 3.7 volts for lithium-ion versus about 1.2 volts for NiMH or NiCd.


Each year, Americans throw away this many tons of alkaline batteries.

Americans dispose of around 84,000 tons of these batteries per year! The Ecology Action Center reports that batteries make up about 20 percent of household hazardous waste in landfills.


Propane fuel is...

Propane is far safer for the environment than gasoline because it's neither toxic nor caustic. If you spill it, no harm will come to the soil or water.


How much gas do people spill each year while refueling lawn and garden equipment?

At 17 million gallons per year, the amount that people spill when refueling is more than was spilled in the Exxon Valdez disaster.


Today's push lawn mowers...

Push mowers' lighter weight makes them easier to push than ever before, and they snip grass rather than chew it up as many motorized mowers do.


The greenest way to rid your garden of aphids is...

Ladybugs and other insects are nature's greenest garden tools. These natural predators love aphids -- one ladybug can consume 5,000 aphids in one year!


A clothesline...

Clotheslines are good for both of these things! They help clothes last longer, and the sun rids clothes of bacteria that the dryer doesn't.


A tool swap is...

More circles of friends and entire communities are creating tool swaps. By sharing tools that they use only occasionally, everyone saves money -- and it's great for the environment, too!


Double-dipped nails...

Double-dipped nails, which are dipped twice in molten zinc, are more resistant to rust. Therefore, they last much longer than untreated nails.


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