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You can have a great family trip and reduce your carbon footprint by making green choices. For example, take a train instead of a plane and select a green hotel. Take this quiz to learn more about taking a green vacations.

What do green travelers want to do?

Green travelers want to help preserve the areas they visit, and take vacations without leaving a carbon footprint.


By the year 2020, what is the estimate for tourists flying to international destinations?

By 2020, it is estimated that international arrivals will total 1.6 billion.


How can travelers decrease their carbon footprint with their lodging choices?

Travelers can decrease their carbon footprint by selecting lodging that offers sustainable operating techniques, such as the use of water-efficient fixtures.


What is a sustainable operating technique that may be used at green hotels?

Use of water efficient fixtures, choosing environmentally preferable products and composting food waste are all sustainable operating techniques.


What transportation method emits the most carbon dioxide per traveler?

Cars and planes are the winners in this category, and the environment is the loser.


How do carbon offsets help the environment?

The proceeds from carbon offsets are used to fund projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


How can an environmentally concerned traveler compensate for a plane trip?

The traveler can purchase a carbon offset to make-up for the carbon emissions from the air travel.


What is the greener choice for transportation?

Buses and trains are greener than cars or planes.


What is the cost of carbon offsets?

Carbon offsets may be an inexpensive way for you to diminish your carbon footprint. For under six dollars, you can offset a round-trip flight of up to 2,200 miles.


What senator is reputed to purchase carbon offsets?

Senator Diane Feinstein buys carbon offsets .


What is a project sponsored by funding from carbon offsets ?

Wind farms and landfill gas capture are two projects funded by carbon offsets.


What is a staycation?

Vacationing in your local area, and limiting your impact on the environment by driving less -- or even just staying in your own home -- is a staycation.


What famous religious leader encouraged his followers to adapt green living practices?

The pope has encouraged his followers to live green.


What is gray water recycling?

Recycling of laundry, dishwashing and bathing water is gray water recycling. Gray water can be used for irrigate landscaping.


How many environmentally friendly hotels are there?

There are some 3,000 environmentally friendly hotels.


How do green hotels perform financially compared to non-green hotels?

Green hotels are actually more profitable than non-green hotels.


How do you know if a hotel or resort is green?

Green hotels or resorts may display a Green Key or Blue Flag sign.


What sovereign state has zero carbon dioxide emissions?

The Vatican City has zero carbon dioxide emissions.


What activity is green?

Using your own refillable water bottle can save a lot of plastic.


When renting a car, what is a green choice?

Renting a hybrid whenever possible is the green way.


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