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Environmentally minded shopping is more than just an admirable goal. It's a way to decrease your carbon footprint. Find out how you rank as a green shopper.

Approximately how many plastic shopping bags are thrown away each year in the United States?

According to the World Watch Institute, a staggering 100 billion plastic bags are tossed out every year.


Methane, a greenhouse gas, remains in the atmosphere 9 to 15 years. How many metric tons of methane does livestock farming release worldwide each year?

The United States Environmental Protection Agency estimates that 80 million metric tons (88,184,905 tons) of methane are released globally each year by livestock including cattle, sheep and goats.


The United States is the largest producer of corn in the world. What is most of it used for?

According to the National Corn Growers Association, almost 80 percent of harvested corn goes to feeding domestic and foreign livestock, poultry and fish.


On average, how much of what is put into the recycling stream actually gets recycled?

According to the Council on Clean Air, only one-tenth of recyclable material is actually recycled; most products end up in landfills.


How many tons of food is thrown out each day in the United States?

Don't buy more than you can chew! Approximately 42,000 tons (38,102 metric tons) of food are thrown into the garbage stream each year.


It's estimated that by 2013, eco-friendly household cleaners will account for what percentage of the household-cleaner market?

Eco-friendly cleaning products are one of the fastest growing green products. It's estimated that by 2013 they will corner 30 percent of the cleaning product market.


How many plastic bottles are thrown out every hour in the United States?

Americans discard 2,500,000 plastic bottles per hour.


Approximately what percentage of municipal solid waste is packaging?

Food packaging is 31 percent of landfill waste.


Although they are often grown thousands of miles away, which fruit has the cleanest carbon footprint?

Bananas are grown in natural light, don't require energy-intensive hothouses and keep well enough to be transported hundreds of miles by boat.


How many tons of garbage are thrown out each year in the United States?

The Clean Air Council estimates that 56 million tons (50,802,345 metric tons) of garbage goes into U.S. landfills each year, which is an average of 4.39 pounds (2 kilograms) of garbage per person, per day.


Biking to the store is not only good for the environment, it's good for your health. How much more efficient is biking than driving a gas-powered car?

A bike is 10 times more energy efficient than a passenger car.


Which of the listed materials makes the most environmentally friendly bag?

While conventional or organic cotton is certainly not the cleanest of fabrics when it comes to sustainability, it uses marginally less resources than paper or plastic during production.


Which is the most effective way to reduce the environmental impact of your shopping?

Buy less meat. A United Nations report says livestock production contributes 18 percent of the greenhouse gases released into the environment by human activities each year.


What does CSA stand for?

CSA stands for community supported agriculture.


Growing your own food is a great way to green your shopping list. What type of garden is designed on a grid?

Square-foot gardens are mapped on a grid in raised beds or boxes.


Critics of marketing products as 'green' refer to this practice by this term.

Greenwashing is the term used to describe the marketing of products as green.


What is the name of the non-profit with one of the strictest processes for receiving their organic seal of approval?

Green Seal was founded in 1989 to provide science-based standards of organic credibility in manufactured products.


This food movement is gaining popularity among suburban and urban dwellers.

Locavorism is the practice of buying food that is grown locally


What is the most environmentally friendly way of handling used plastic containers?

Re-purposing plastic containers keeps them out of the waste stream.


What is a food mile?

A food mile is the distance food travels from where it was grown or raised to where it is purchased.


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