Who Said It: Groot or Hodor?

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You might not realize it, but the giant-blooded hero from "Game of Thrones" and the sentient tree alien from "Guardians of the Galaxy" actually have a few things in common. Can you guess which one uttered each of the following quotes?

"I am Groot."

Classic Groot, am I right?



Don't let the subject matter fool you because that quote was all Hodor!


"I am Groot?"

Such depth of introspection from a walking plant shouldn't come as a surprise. After all, the species <i>Flora colossus</i> hails from a rich culture on Planet X.



Sure, Groot has a big heart, but unlike Hodor, he's quick to throw down in the defense of his friends.



Better get the maester to fetch some salve because that's one massive Greyjoy burn by Hodor!


"I am Groot ..."

Rather out of character with his typically good-natured attitude, this Groot quote remains rather controversial.



Don't let his gigantic stature fool you. Hodor is a man of complex emotional depth, as this quote illustrates.



Es otra famosa cita de nuestro amigo Hodor.


"I … am ... Groot ..."

Oh, Groot! While the language of the Flora colossus is a bit difficult for humanoids, trust me, this Groot one-liner is hilarious!



When excited or scared, Hodor is prone to exhaustive diatribes such as these. Someone get this man to the Iron Throne!


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