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Before you realized that your child has become a tween, the reality hits home. Your budding tween just approached you to complain that his or her bedroom is for babies and you must change it. You reassure your child with a smile and a hug before heading to your best ally, HowStuffWorks. Take our growing kids room quiz before heading out to the store with your new tween.

What is the most common term in use today that describes kids heading into adolescence?

With many children nearing adolescence, retailers have coined a special term to describe consumers that represent a huge market potential. Drop all the old descriptors and connect with the tween generation.


What is generally accepted as essential for a tween?

Sure, everyone loves to own the latest electronic gizmo, but tweens crave their own spot to hang out with their friends.


What is important to keep in mind when designing a bedroom for your tween?

Remember that this is a transitional age and your choices will require flexibility. Choose items that can be rearranged easily.


A tween is generally defined as a child between the ages of:

Children between the ages of 8 to 10 years are considered tweens. Adolescence being what it is, this milestone can come earlier or later.


Approximately how many tweens are there in the United States?

According to the recent United States census, there are approximately 20 million tweens in the U.S.


When choosing furniture for a new tween, what is the best way to go?

Furniture such as beds, dressers and desks that can be easily repainted or redecorated is the wisest choice for a budding tween.


What is the best choice to provide extra storage space?

It is best to avoid large modular units or shelving that is permanently attached to a wall. Pick up a couple of good solid bookshelves that your tween can easily move around the room.


What is an important fact to keep in mind when furnishing a bedroom for your tween?

Tweens will require a lot of storage space as their needs change. They will not want to part with older possessions as they amass new ones.


What should you keep in mind when you help your tweens decorate their walls?

Avoid wallpaper and stick with paint that is easy to hide with a fresh coat. Tweens will want to change the color or style of their room often.


What is the best option for allowing tweens to express their artistic flare?

It is best to provide a corkboard wall, cork bulletin boards or cork bulletin bars to allow them to hang their ever-changing artworks. Better still, you could let them help you select a collection of the three cork products.


The percentage of kids that drink alcohol:

As kids enter middle school, issues with adolescence appear. Unfortunately, use of alcohol doubles between grades four and six.


What is the secret for adding room accessories for a tween?

The secret is that you want the accessories to be fun and flexible. Items that are easy to move around or rearrange give tweens the ability to express individuality as their needs change.


What is a good choice to provide seating when friends come over to do homework and have fun?

Go for the beanbag chairs and large pillows. Remember the theme is fun and flexible and these items fit the bill with perfection.


Historically retailers have:

The trend has been for retailers to focus mainly on female tweens. That trend is changing as more retailers realize that they were overlooking an important group of potential consumers.


What is a major influence that inspires male tweens' decorating choices?

Boys are most often influenced by what their male friends are doing with their room decor.


What is a major influence that inspires female tweens' decorating choices?

Girls are most often inspired by taking a trip to the mall or flipping through magazines. Ladies magazines and teen magazines, for example, are fodder for your girl’s imagination.


What is one design idea that you can employ for tween boys to help them express themselves?

Most boys love collecting or are avid sports enthusiasts. Providing a spot to highlight their stuff is sure to make a hit with your tween boy.


What is one area where you can easily allow tweens to express their changing tastes?

Although full wall murals and poster paints are fun options, an easier choice is the bed-in-bag-themed bedding. There are multitudes of choices available to suit almost any tween's tastes and they are inexpensive to vary with changing tastes.


What types of décor are girl tweens likely to prefer in their room?

Funky contrasts are the in style for decorating your young ladies' tween domain: mix and match patterns like polka dots, plaids and pastels.


What is generally considered an essential accessory in your tween girl’s room?

Tween girls start to wear makeup and put more emphasis on their looks. Make sure that she has strategically placed mirrors to fix her makeup and check out her duds before leaving her room.


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