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The Guadalupe Mountains National Park in Texas encompasses a wide variety of terrain, from harsh desert to lush green forests. Take this quiz to learn more about these magnificent sights.

Where is the park located?

It's in western Texas, about 85 miles (137 kilometers) east of El Paso.


When was the park established?

It was established in 1966.


How big is the park?

It covers 86,416 acres.


How high is the highest peak of Guadalupe?

The Guadalupe Peak is 8,749 feet (2,667 meters) high.


What desert extends across the park?

The Chihuahuan Desert stretches across west Texas into Mexico.


What is the well-known landmark for travelers crossing the desert?

A monolithic rock called El Capitan (the chief) is visible for 50 miles.


How long are the trails of the park?

There are 80 miles of trails.


Who was the celebrated photographer who immortalized El Capitan?

Ansel Adams photographed El Capitan in 1947.


What else is the park known for?

It is well known for its mountain and desert bird life.


Where would you go to enjoy a coniferous forest?

The high plateau called the Bowl is covered by a coniferous forest.


How long is the trail up to Guadalupe Peak?

It is a strenuous 8.4-mile (13.5-kilometer) hike.


What is the best time to visit McKittrick Canyon?

In October and November the plants assume fall colors.


How long is McKittrick Canyon?

It is five miles long and thousands of feet deep.


What is one of the worlds biggest coral reefs?

The Guadalupe Mountains are a coral reef formed millions of years ago when the area was underwater.


How tall is El Capitan?

It is the second highest mountain in Texas at 8,085 feet.


Millions of years ago when the area was underwater, how big was the sea?

It was estimated at about 10,000 square miles in size.


When was the area first inhabited?

Archeological findings indicate humans lived here 12,000 years ago.


Who visited the area in 1550?

Spanish explorers visited around 1550.


What drew people to the area in the 19th century?

Apache and Spanish legends about silver and gold hidden in the mountains attracted prospectors.


Where did the Mescalero Apaches make their last stand?

They made their last stand in the Guadalupe Mountains, but by 1890 they had almost all been killed or forced onto a reservation.


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