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With enough patience and cleverness, smaller units can bleed out hugely overpowering armies. How much do you know about guerrilla warfare?

"Guerilla" comes from a Spanish word that means what?

It was first used to describe a Spanish revolt against Napoleon's soldiers.


What nationality was the man who most likely deserved credit for formalizing the concept of guerilla warfare?

General Sun Tzu writes about guerrilla warfare in his book "The Art of War."


Guerrilla tactics rely heavily on what?

These forces rely on locals for protection and information.


Why was a Confederate guerrilla named Champ Ferguson hanged after the war ended?

In addition to harassing Union units, he hunted Southerners that he suspected of being supportive to the Northern cause.


What is one popular misconception about guerrilla fighters?

Guerrillas are a shadowy bunch, but they don't always make a habit of disguising themselves.


Which Confederate leader supported guerrilla warfare as a means for extending the American Civil War?

As it happens, Gen. Robert E. Lee was opposed to guerrilla fighting and wanted peace for the country once it became clear that the South would lose.


What was the nickname of Viriatus, one of the first guerilla fighters in recorded history?

The Romans suffered major defeats at his hands and eventually assassinated him.


Communist leader Mao Zedong said when the enemy camps, guerrilla forces do what?

Harass them when they're trying to rest, and they'll get tired of you in a hurry.


Mao Zedong said that the ideal guerrilla force was made up of about how many fighters?

The mobility of such a small force helped it conduct operations quickly and effectively.


What's one problem that often spells the end of a guerrilla group?

You have to keep recruiting and training new fighters to grow the movement, otherwise it dies.


What was the nickname of Francis Marion, who helped the U.S. win the American Revolution?

The British despised Marion for his persistently successful guerrilla tactics.


Against which foe did Marion learn his military tactics?

He learned the value of hit-and-run tactics while subduing Native American tribes.


Guerrilla warfare is also sometimes called what?

It features clashes of different types of militaries with different fighting styles and techniques.


What did Marxist revolutionary Che Guevara call guerrilla fighters?

He said that his fighters were fighting social oppression.


At the Battle of Mohi, Hungarian guerrillas fought off what fearsome force?

The Mongol march across Europe stalled thanks to their persistent resistance.


In the 1970s, Central and South American insurgents traded rural fighting for what?

Out of frustration, some resorted to kidnapping, airline hijackings and other criminal activities.


What did British soldiers call American revolutionary fighters, whom they considered dirty fighters?

The "Yankee scoundrels" hid behind walls instead of fighting out in the open.


In North America, the first recorded guerrilla resistance featured Native Americans fighting which country's forces?

The Apalachee tribes fought back against Spanish explorers in the early 1500s.


How did the so-called "New Village" in Malaya help the British defeat insurgents?

They won over poor Chinese with basic things like medical care and gained a psychological edge over the rebels.


Why did the "new village" concept fail for the Americans in Vietnam?

Local leaders stole and redirected supplies intended for the villages, throwing off the whole program.


For how many years did George Castriot (Skanderbeg) lead a band of guerrillas against the Ottoman Empire?

In the 1400s he gained renown for winning battle after battle against bigger and stronger forces.


According to legend, Skanderbeg was thought to have killed how many Ottoman soldiers with his own hands?

The Ottomans came to fear and respect him for his battle skills and intelligence.


In which war did a general first say that occupying forces should win "the hearts and minds" of people instead of using heavy-handed military tactics?

It was a British commander, Gen. Sir Henry Clinton, who realized that the guerrilla fighters were going to be a problem for the British military.


To fully win a war, guerrilla forces generally have to do what?

Often, they must assemble a real army or at least find an ally that has one.


After starting in 1850, how long did the Taiping Rebellion last?

A man named Hong Xiuquan thought he was the younger brother of Jesus and started a civil war against the established powers.


How many people died during the Taiping Rebellion?

And in the end, the rebels lost, leaving tens of millions of corpses in the wake of the conflict.


The South African war featured 80,000 local troops against how many British troops?

The Boers fought back for two years using guerrilla tactics but eventually lost in the face of overwhelming numbers.


How did the British respond to persistent Boer guerrilla attacks?

They also put civilians (including the families of rebel fighters) in concentration camps that killed thousands of innocent people.


To defeat guerrilla forces, military leaders must deny them what?

If they are forced to move constantly, it is difficult for guerrillas to establish any sort of real resistance.


How did Britain's Long Range Desert group use guerrilla tactics in WWII?

The tactic was so successful that they used it in other conflicts, too.


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