Quiz: Can We Guess Which Food You Hate The Most?
Can We Guess Which Food You Hate The Most?
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: Photo by Alex Tihonov/Moment/Getty Images

About This Quiz

All of us had a few foods that, as children, we simply wouldn't eat no matter what our parents or guardians said or did to try to get us to go along. Come punishment, bribery, pleading, or the removing of all other food, we'd simply rather go hungry than endure so much as a single bite of the loathed substance. Popular despised childhood foods typically include slightly bitter options such as broccoli and Brussels sprouts, with cabbage making a strong showing. However, if we could be convinced to try a few of these foods as children then we do tend to eventually embrace most of the ones we once swore were despicable.

As adults, of course, we mostly have fewer absolute no-gos as food, and since we have more autonomy over what we eat, we only rarely have to face them. A good dinner party host would always check about such things ahead of time, after all, and in a restaurant, there's sure to be an option to avoid it. Plus, if push comes to shove, you can always blame allergies, celiac disease, or something your trainer or nutritionist is making you do. However, if you're honest, there's that one food or type of food that you couldn't shove down your throat even if the alternative was being extremely rude and horribly hungry. Let's figure out what it is!

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How do you feel about excessive crunch?

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Does slimy food bother you?

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What about a somewhat soapy taste?

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How do you feel about Italian food?

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Could you usually order anything without adjustments in an Indian restaurant?

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Have you ever been unable to tell if your hated food was in something before you bit into it?

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What junk food do you simply never eat?

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Where are you often quite put out by the smell?

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What do you order in a Japanese restaurant?

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If you pretend it's an allergy, how believable is that?

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Is there an entire country you worry about going to, in case you have to eat the food you hate the most?

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Do people feel like you're judging them when you tell them you don't eat it?

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How annoying do you think other people find your aversion?

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Do you get called a picky eater because of it?

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Have you had to shape your dating life around your aversion at all?

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Do you worry about cruelty when it comes to food?

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How much do people keep trying to make you eat the thing?

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If you ate it by mistake, what would you do?

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If it was someone's favorite thing, could you stomach eating it in order to be around them?

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Is there a cuisine that is nearly always totally safe for you?

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Do you ever have to bring your own food to places?

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Can you smell it from a mile away?

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