Can We Guess If You Have a Tramp Stamp?

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Tattoos are statements, big ones. Getting a tattoo is, amusingly, a taboo. In Japan, having a tattoo can bar you from public baths and swimming pools. In some religious communities, having a tattoo can be seen as sacrilegious; a violation of the flesh that flies in the face of the will of the gods.

While tattoos have become more mainstream, the traditional view of the tattooed motorcyclist or the violent street tough dominates. Having a tattoo means enduring the pain of the tattooing, by definition. It means committing to having an image indelibly inked into one's flesh, presumably for life. It means accepting that there will be people who do not approve of the decoration. On some level, it means that you're an outsider. This is part of the allure of the tattoo, of course. No one gets a tattoo because they want to look like a boy scout or a priest. They do it so they can rebel with their very appearance.

So what sort of person are you? Can you be honest with us about it? If so, we can figure out if you have a tramp stamp. Like Sherlock Holmes, we will reverse engineer your lifestyle and personality from these details, and weigh if you have one, and even wager what kind you have, if we think you have one.

How conservative are you?

How is your pain tolerance?

How many of the people you admire sport tattoos of any kind?

Would you get a tattoo where you couldn't easily admire it when dressed?

How heavily do you drink?

How many of the musicians you listened to in your formative years had tattoos?

How many cool ideas for tattoos have you had?

How heavily do you get inebriated on things... other than alcohol?

What would your parents say if you got a tattoo of any kind?

Would you risk not getting a promotion if you got a tattoo?

Is tattooing against your religion?

Do you like to sunbathe?

How submissive are you?

Do you like the idea of being seen differently in private than in public?

If you got a tramp stamp, how likely would it be a corporate logo?

Do you have a romantic partner who sports tattoos?

Have you ever been pressured to get a tattoo?

Which of these best describes your professional life?

If you got a tattoo, what sort of statement would you want to make with it?

What kind of college did you go to?

What sport do you follow?

Would you be more or less likely to date someone who has a bunch of tattoos?

How do you like to dress?

If you got a tramp stamp, how likely is it that it would be words?

Do you like to push people outside of their comfort zones?

What genre of movie do you like best?

Do you put much stock in brand identity?

If you were getting any kind of tattoo, how personal would the message be?

If you got a tramp stamp, what's the likelihood it would be funny?

What kind of job do you have?

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