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Kids these days! Some say they're absolutely hopeless techno-addicts who only care about their phones and simply do not appreciate what their ancestors have done for them. Others say they're a great improvement on their selfish parents and grandparents who burned the atmosphere, indebted the nation and were mostly opposed to all the civil rights reforms that they now claim are proof of how great their generation really was. 

The truth is that both are right and both are wrong: unless you're so old that you fought the Nazis, your generation probably has its fair share of absolutely terrible people as well as its reasonable peppering of truly excellent people.

Still, how you face the changing times does tell us a lot about which generation you belong to. Some people would rather hunker down and pretend the world isn't changing, while others are happy to embrace the change. There are people of all types at all ages, but let's be honest, they do tend to cluster. Indeed, if there's one demographic factor that predicts a person's political leanings more strongly than race, class, gender, religion or income, it's age. So take this quiz and we'll figure out what yours is!

Would you rather eat something too hot or too cold?

Would you rather the fridge or the dishwasher stop working?

If a meteor hit your house, would you rather it take out the bedroom or the living room?

Would you rather forget your phone lock code or your own address?

Would you rather get an unpleasant treatment for a disease you turned out not to have actually had, or get the same unpleasant (but successful) treatment and actually survive the disease?

Would you rather lose 10 pounds instantly or find $2,000?

Would you rather lose your home or your savings?

Would you rather win the lottery now or have a brilliant idea that makes you the same amount of money, but over 20 years?

Would you rather date the wrong person for four years, or be single and miserable about it for four years?

Would you rather drop your phone in the toilet after a number two, or in a puddle of your own puke?

Would you rather get a terrible zit on your nose before giving a talk, or on your groin area before making love to a new person you're really excited about?

After passing out at a party, would you rather wake up to find your eyebrows have been shaved off, or that they have been drawn on in permanent marker?

Would you rather have one earlobe much longer than the other, or one front tooth slightly bigger than the other?

When treading on something in bare feet in your kitchen, would you rather it be surprisingly sticky or surprisingly spiky?

Would you rather forget your boo's birthday or have them forget your birthday?

Would you rather get to eat five pounds of delicious chocolate right now, or magically have the discipline to go without chocolate forever?

Would you rather accidentally say something racist or accidentally say something sexist?

Would you rather reread your favorite book knowing it is your favorite, or get to magically delete it from your brain so you could read it for the first time again?

Would you rather not clean your apartment for six months and live with the consequences, or have to thoroughly clean your whole apartment every day for a month even though it was already clean?

Would you rather do a well-paid job that hurt people (e.g., speaker for a shady politician) or a poorly-paid job that was good for the world (e.g., work for a human rights organization)?

Would you rather lose your ID before going on holiday (thus jeopardizing you going at all), or lose it during the holiday and possibly get stuck abroad?

Would you rather be in a volcano or an earthquake?

Would you rather eat a meat or a vegetable that you couldn't recognize?

Would you rather accidentally grope your colleague's butt or accidentally email them a photo of your butt?

Would you rather drunkenly tell your neighbor or your BFF's new boo what you really think of them?

Would you rather burn off all your tastebuds so you can't taste anything for a month, or constantly taste something nasty for three days?

Would you rather run over an old lady you know was a horrible person, or a person whose identity you never actually get to know?

Would you rather have your brakes fail at 70 mph, or have them engage and you can't turn them off at the same speed?

Would you rather always just miss the first bus or train but arrive on time, or always get the first bus or train but be late once a week?

Would you rather get sick and suddenly have to take a crap in your boss' office, or same situation in your in-laws' living room?

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