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Guide dogs are raised and trained to help visually impaired people. The training process is long and hard, yet highly rewarding. And the result? Devoted, hard-working, loving animals highly skilled at their jobs and much loved by their owners. Take this quiz to learn more about this fascinating field.

In most countries, where are guide dogs allowed to go?

They're usually allowed to go wherever the general public can go.


In helping to guide a blind person, guide dogs have to know how to:

They have to be able to do multiple tasks, such as obeying verbal commands and keeping on a direct route while avoiding distractions.


When they reach a crosswalk, what must the guide dog do?

Its task is to stop, signal to the handler where they are and wait for further instruction.


Why is it wrong to pet or talk to a guide dog on the job?

Distracting the dog by petting it, for example, will break its concentration and may prove a hazard to its handler.


How do guide dogs make a distinction between work and play?

They know that when their harness is on, they're at work.


Who funds guide dog schools?

Since guide dog schools are non-profit organizations, they rely on funding through charitable donations.


What breeds are commonly suited to guide dog service?

The most common breeds are golden retriever, Labrador retriever and German shepherd.


What do volunteer puppy raisers have to do to be able to raise guide dogs?

First they apply, then they must undergo a special training program by the guide dog school.


Getting the guide dog comfortable in all situations is known as:

It's called socialization and it's crucial for a guide dog. They must learn to tackle loud noises, crowded streets, etc.


How are guide dogs trained and rewarded?

They are trained and rewarded with leash corrections and praise. Food treats are out of the question, so that they don't become fixated on food.


After being trained by puppy raisers, the future guide dogs are assessed. What qualities are important?

They are assessed for several qualities, including intelligence and good memory.


At Guiding Eyes for the Blind school, what percentage of puppies trained by volunteer raisers go on to full training?

Exactly 50 percent of returned dogs are taken on for guide dog training.


What sort of space are guide dogs trained to take their handlers through?

They are trained to take their handlers only through spaces that are neither too tight nor too low.


What is usually the most emotional time of the whole training process?

The high point is usually when the dog's puppy raiser and its new master meet at a special ceremony.


An instructor who encounters a new handler must perform:

The instructor must do people-training, as opposed to dog-training. This involves teaching the handler how to work together with the trained dog.


Before becoming a master instructor, how many years of training does a supervised instructor undergo?

The instructor learns under qualified and apprentice instructors as a supervised trainee for two to three years.


Are there different certification processes for guide dog instruction?

Indeed yes. Different states have different criteria, requirements and procedures.


How lucrative is the guide-dog instructing profession?

Actually, considering the educational demands placed on the instructors, this profession is not lucrative at all. The pay is low, the hours are long and the work is demanding in many ways.


What is the working lifespan of the average guide dog?

They mostly reach retirement age by about eight or 10 years of age.


How popular is it to adopt a guide dog retiree?

There are so many people interested in adopting retirees that guide dog schools usually have waiting lists.


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