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Did you know that you do not have to leave the United States to take a hike through a tropical rainforest? Take our quiz and learn more about unique national treasure.

In what American state is the Haleakala National Park located?

Haleakala National Park is located in the State of Hawaii on the island of Maui.


What is unique about the landscape found in Haleakala National Park?

The landscape in Haleakala National Park encompasses diverse landscapes from rain forests close to sea level to deserts located in a crater and most every other terrain in between. There are landscapes in this park that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.


What rules are in place for camping at the Hosmer Grove Campground and Kipahulu Campground located in the park?

A person may camp three nights per month in Hosmer Grove or Kipahulu Campgrounds. Hosmer Grove is limited to 50 people and Kipahulu has a capacity of 100.


How would you make a reservation for one of the three available wilderness cabins located in this park?

Reservations for three wilderness cabins are only available through a monthly mail-in lottery administered by the park. Each person is limited to a maximum of three nights in the wilderness per month, camping and cabins combined, with no more than two nights at any site.


From what source is the name Haleakala National Park derived?

Haleakala is the name of a huge dormant volcano with a huge crater in the center. It is located in the park and is one of the main attractions responsible for drawing over one and a half million visitors each year.


What is the English translation of the name Haleakala?

Haleakala means "house of the sun." Legend has it that a mischievous demigod named Maui tamed the sun in the great mountain's summit crater.


How many square miles are within the crater located at the summit of the Haleakala volcano?

The circular crater located at the summit of the Haleakala volcano comprises 19 square miles filled with unearthly shapes and profiles from its super heated past.


How far below the summit, is the floor of the crater located?

The crater floor is 2,720 feet (829 meters) below the summit and is starkly beautiful, consisting of a forbidding landscape of cinder cones and lava sculptures in dazzling shades of red and yellow.


What area of land does the Haleakala volcano cover?

The volcano extends over an area 33 miles by 24 miles (53 by 39 kilometers).


How high is the summit of the Haleakala volcano?

The Haleakala volcano rises 12,000 feet above sea level and the total height from its seabed base is 30,000 feet. The Haleakala volcano was originally two giant volcanoes that formed a valley. As they continued to erupt, the valley was gradually filled until the existing circular crater was created.


What is Puu O Maui?

Puu O Maui is the tallest of many multicolored cones formed from cinder and ash. This spectacular cone rises more than 800 feet above the volcanoes stark topography.


What is the name of a rare plant that only grows in the otherwise barren Haleakala crater and on the exterior slope at higher elevations?

The silversword plant is found at elevations 6,900 to 9,800 feet in and around the Haleakala crater. The plant has dagger-shaped leaves that grow out in silky symmetrical balls. The plant was considered a threatened species but with strict controls, it is now relatively safe.


How long does a silversword take to grow to maturity?

The silversword takes anywhere from four to 20 years to grow to maturity. When the plant reaches maturity it sends out a single flower stalk in a burst of summertime bloom before it withers and dies.


What special United Nations designation does the park carry due to its unique environment?

The Haleakala National Park has been designated as one of 47 United Nations International Biosphere Reserves located in the United States. There are now 447 reserves in 97 countries around the world.


How high does the road to the Haleakala summit rise in only 38 miles?

The road to the summit of Haleakal soars from near sea level to over 10,000 feet in only 38 miles. This road is believed to be the steepest automobiles route in the world.


The Haleakala National Park is famous for a bird that is believed to have descended from the first birds to arrive in Hawaii, what is the bird’s name?

Haleakala is famous for its honeycreepers. They are brightly colored and are believed to be descended from the first birds to reach Hawaii with at least 40 subspecies that evolved since their arrival.


How do biologists believe the flora and fauna arrived on Maui?

As is the case with all the islands of Hawaii, the flora and fauna arrived on Maui by swimming, flying, or floating on debris. The park is a Mecca for conservation biologists to study its island-habitat to discover how other ecosystems will likely also develop over time.


Where is the tropical rainforest located within the Haleakala National Park?

From the eastern summit of the crater the rain forest of Kipahulu Valley, drops thousands of feet in a great sweeping curve down to the coast. The upper valley is a protected wilderness and is home to a profusion of animals and plants as well as insects found nowhere else on earth.


What crop was grown along the 'Ohe'o Stream until the 1920s?

Until the 1920s sugarcane was grown along both sides of the 'Ohe'o Stream and you can still find patches of wild cane growing along the stream.


How far does the water plunge before hitting bottom at the Waimoku Falls?

The waters at the Waimoku Falls plunge in a 400-foot solitary cascade amid swirls of mist surrounded by jungle vegetation. Thousands hike the trails to view this natural wonder every year.


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