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Halloween has ancient roots and is celebrated differently from country to country. How much do you know about Halloween traditions around the world?

What is Allhallowtide?

Allhallowtide is a three-day religious observance that includes Halloween, which comes first, followed by All Saints' Day and All Souls' Day.


Halloween originated from which religion?

Western Christianity sprouted a three-day religious observance (from Oct. 31 to Nov. 2) that includes Halloween.


The word "Halloween" is a contraction of what phrase?

All Hallows' Eve is the original term for this holiday. Halloween is celebrated in numerous countries around the world.


What is NOT another term often used for Halloween?

Hallowed Evening isn't typically used for Halloween, but there are many other words and phrases that describe Oct. 31.


What does the word "hallow" mean, anyway?

During the three days of Allhallowtide, Christians honor the dead, including sacred saints and martyrs.


True or false: Christians believe that sometimes the dead come back to life during the Allhallowtide holidays.

They don't believe that people are resurrected, but some do believe that during these holidays, the doorway between life and post-life is more open than at any other time of the year.


Where did Halloween as Americans know it originate?

Many of the traditions of Halloween came from Ireland, where bonfires, trick-or-treating and bobbing for apples are common activities.


In Ireland, what do children find beneath playing cards set out by their parents?

Kids pick the card they want, and underneath they'll find a prize, such as candy or money.


What is the English translation of "Pitru Paksha"?

Pitru Paksha means "fortnight of the ancestors," a 16-day period in September during which Hindu families pay respects to the dead.


If you visit a Czech family during Halloween, you may see them putting what objects around the fireplace?

Some Czech families put chairs around the fireplace so that any returning spirits have a place to sit.


What is the name for the Chinese version of Halloween?

Celebrated in July, the Hungry Ghost Festival is an opportunity for Asians to pay their respects to their deceased ancestors.


Why do Asians set paper lanterns or paper ships on bodies of water during the Hungry Ghost Festival?

The paper ships and lanterns supposedly offer direction to those who have passed on. Celebrants may also present many gifts, such as food or gold, in an effort to honor the dead.


In which country would you find some natives celebrating Ahoppa Awan Tewa?

In the American Southwest, the Zuni Native Americans may celebrate Ahoppa Awan Tewa in late October.


How do Native Americans mark Ahoppa Awan Tewa?

To honor the dead, they might throw part of a meal into a fire, and they might also bury some of the possessions of the dead.


When did the word "Halloween" first appear in history?

Around 1750, the word "Halloween" began to refer to All Hallows' Eve, which wasn't common until the mid-16th century.


During Pitru Paksha, how do Hindu families typically honor the dead?

To honor the dead during this two-week period, many Hindus make food offerings for their ancestors.


What do Catholics sometimes put on the graves of deceased loved ones on All Souls' Day?

With a bit of holy water sprinkled onto a grave, Catholics honor their loved ones.


What sort of foods do Hindus leave for the dead during Pitru Paksha?

A rice and milk mixture called kheer along with porridge, beans and a gourd are all part of the expected offerings for the deceased during Pitru Paksha.


True or false: Trick-or-treating is popular in China.

The Western version of Halloween (along with trick-or-treating) is still a fairly unfamiliar concept to most Chinese children, unless they have Western friends.


What's the Mexican version of Halloween?

On Nov. 1, the Day of the Dead, Mexican families come together to pray for their deceased loved ones. They hold parades and festivals and build altars to honor the dead.


What happens on the Day of the Dead?

The dead supposedly return to their physical homes on Day of the Dead, or <i>Dia de los Muertos</i>.


Why do Mexicans sometimes leave a wash towel and basin as part of offerings during Day of the Dead?

Some Mexicans believe that the dead who return home may want to cleanse themselves before partaking in the celebratory feast.


True or false: Halloween and its associated activities are popular in Australia.

Australians are known for their indifference (or outright objections) to Halloween. Some cite overcommercialization or foreign influences as reasons to avoid the big day.


In which country is Halloween celebrated with barmbrack?

In Ireland, barmbrack is a type of bread often baked for Halloween. The baker includes special objects, such as cloth or coins, as a sort of fortune-telling game played amongst the people who consume it.


In which country will you find sugar skulls during the Halloween season?

Mexicans often celebrate Day of the Dead with treats, including candy skulls.


Why might Christians purposely leave their doors unlocked on All Saints' Day?

After returning from the graveyard or a church service, they might leave their doors unlocked so returning spirits have an easier time getting back into their Earthly homes.


What's the English translation for "<i>Seleenwoche</i>"?

<i>Seleenwoche</i> is All Souls' Week, the period from Oct. 30 to Nov. 8, and it's an extended version of the Halloween season. It is most often celebrated in Austria.


What do some Austrians leave as offerings during <i>Seleenwoche</i>?

Austrians might leave bread, water and a lamp as an offering to the dead, who supposedly return home during <i>Seleenwoche</i>.


How do Mexicans approach the idea of death during Day of the Dead?

Day of the Dead is a way for Mexicans to accept death as a natural part of the human condition. Instead of mourning, they celebrate so as not to offend the dead with their sadness.


Why do some Italian children leave their shoes outside the house during All Souls' Day?

If they leave their shoes outside as a sort of offering, children may wake up to find treats inside their sneakers.


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