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Hammerheads sharks are one of the most intriguing species of shark, sporting a hammer-shaped head that sets them apart. Take our quiz and learn more about this unusual creature.

Which type of shark is the fiercest predator in the ocean?

The great white shark is known as the fiercest predator in the ocean, scaring moviegoers and beach lovers alike.


Which type of shark is probably the funniest looking shark in the ocean?

Hammerhead sharks have little mouths with little teeth, and they have a wide, flat, hammer-shaped head with eyes on either side. Most scientists consider them the funniest looking shark.


How many different classifications of hammerhead sharks are there?

Though there are actually nine classifications of hammerhead sharks, only four are commonly found: the great hammerhead, the smooth hammerhead, the scalloped hammerhead and the bonnethead.


Which of the following types of hammerhead sharks are considered dangerous to humans?

Though three out of the four types of the common hammerhead sharks are considered to be dangerous to humans, there have only been 38 recorded hammerhead attacks on humans since 1580, and no one has ever been killed by a hammerhead.


In which type of waters are hammerhead sharks usually found?

Hammerheads sharks are usually found in temperate and tropical waters, though some species prefer cooler water.


Shark ____ are cut off in a process called finning.

Like most sharks, hammerheads are fished commercially for their hides and meat, and their fins are cut off in a process called finning. Shark fin soup is popular in Asia, but shark finning is outlawed in United States waters.


Which of the four major species of hammerhead is usually the smallest?

The bonnethead is the smallest of the four major species of hammerhead, at an average of 3.5 feet long (1 meter) and about 20 pounds (9 kilogram).


Which of the four major species of hammerhead is usually the largest?

The great hammerhead is the largest of the four major species of hammerhead, with a length of up to 18 feet (5 meters) and weighing as much as 800 pounds (360 kilograms).


The great hammerhead shark is:

The great hammerhead shark, like all sharks, is a carnivore, preferring bony fish, small sharks, shellfish and stingrays.


The hammerhead shark's mouth is _____ than most other large sharks.

The hammerhead's mouth is smaller than most other large sharks and they have small, sharp, serrated teeth up front with larger, flatter teeth in the back. These hard back teeth are used for grinding up tougher prey, like shellfish.


What is the preferred food of the bonnethead shark?

Bonnethead sharks prefer crustaceans like blue crabs, but they also eat bony fish, shrimp and seagrass.


What color are hammerhead sharks?

Hammerhead sharks are grayish-brown to olive on top and lighter colored on their stomachs.


Which feature of the hammerhead shark protrudes above the surface of shallow waters?

If you see a tall dorsal fin protruding high above the surface in shallow waters, you can be pretty sure there's a hammerhead shark in the area.


Scalloped hammerheads differ from other hammerheads in that they:

Scalloped hammerheads are different from most other species of sharks in that they hang out together in schools.


Why do small fish hang out together in schools?

Small fish stay together in schools to provide protection against their predators, or to surround their prey, making it easier to hunt for food.


What characteristic do male hammerheads look for in a mate?

Male hammerheads seem to prefer a large female who is able to carry and give birth to a large number of pups.


What is the gestation period for a hammerhead shark pregnancy?

Female hammerhead sharks carry their pups inside their body for a gestation period of 8-10 months before giving birth in shallow waters.


The distinctive hammer head of the hammerhead shark is called a cephalofoil. The bonnethead's cephalofoil is rounded at the _____ .

The bonnethead's cephalofoil is rounded at the front and looks more like a shovel than a hammer.


All sharks have electrical sensors in their nose and heads called ampullae of ____ that help them stalk their prey.

Ampullae of Lorenzini can detect weak electric emissions from other sea life. In the case of hammerheads, the ampullae are spread out over a greater surface area, giving the shark the ability to cover more ground and sense its prey more easily.


In which United States city was a shark pup born to a female shark that had not had any contact with a male shark in over three years?

In 2001, in a zoo in Omaha, Nebraska, a female hammerhead shark gave birth to a male pup even though she had been celibate for more than three years. Researchers concluded that the mother had fertilized her own eggs and had a virgin birth called parthenogenesis.


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