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You'd like to hang your Claude Monet on the same wall as your own pencil-drawn masterpiece. Do you hang them together? Where? And what will it cost? Hang the expense! Take this art-hanging quiz and see if you know all you need to know about this artful task.

How would you rate the importance of hanging placement regarding your artwork?

The artwork and where-and-how it is hung are of equal importance.


Why should you hang your artwork only once all the furniture is in place?

The rule of thumb is: Furniture First, Artwork After. This way you can decide which art pieces go with the existing décor.


Before you hang the artwork, how can you get a feel of its placement?

Beware of hammering those nails in too early. First prop the artwork against the wall or place it on the ground where you'd like to hang it to see if it fits.


You have a long hallway and many frames to hang there. What's the best way to handle it?

Assuming the frames are of varying dimensions, hang them in a line so that each center is at the same level.


With your artwork hung in a line on a large expanse of wall, what size frames should you put at both ends?

For a professional look, it's a good idea to make sure that at both ends, you hang similar-sized frames -- either both short or both tall.


If you want to hang two rows of artwork, one under the other, what method will give it uniformity?

The middle two-inch (five-centimeter) space between the two rows should see both rows of frames aligned there, regardless of the tops of the top row or the bottoms of the bottom row.


Your family claims that you cannot hang a hodge-podge of frame shapes on the same wall. Are they right?

It is doable to hang various frame shapes together, but keep them within a designated wall space.


How can you use graph paper to facilitate the decisions regarding how and where to frame artwork?

You can make replicas of your art to scale (one square to one inch) and play around with the positioning of the paper replicas before deciding.


What's the best way to maximize wall space if you have a lot of frames to hang?

Despite thoughts to the contrary, see that your frame color matches the wall color. This way, the art itself stands out and appears to float.


How do you know where to hammer in the nails for your wall hanging?

Use a tape measure to calculate the distance between the top of the wire (where you need to hammer in the nail) and the top of the frame (where you've made a pencil marking).


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