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It seems like holiday decorations get more and more over the top each year. We went on a search for the wackiest Hanukkah decorations, and you'll never guess what we found. See if you can pick out which decorations actually exist with our No, Really! Hanukkah Decorations quiz.

Menorahs come in many different shapes and sizes, including a VW bus, old plumbing pipes and a reused computer motherboard.

We found many unique menorahs, and these three were just the tip of the iceberg.


If your laundry room needs some Hanukkah flair, you could decorate it with a dreidel-shaped washer and dryer.

Although one blogger produced a picture of a dreidel-shaped washer and dryer for sale, we couldn't find any dreidel-shaped appliances for you to purchase.


Jewish fishermen can decorate their homes this year with a Hanukkah-themed singing bass.

Unfortunately, we couldn't find a Jewish singing bass for your decorating pleasure. But we think it would make a great gag gift if they ever do start making one.


If you have high ceilings, you're in luck! You can decorate your living room with a larger-than-life, 6-and-a-half-foot lighted menorah.

Although most giant-sized menorahs are meant for the outdoors or synagogue, you could really make a unique statement with one in your living room.


Your little ones could have fun this Hanukkah by decorating with a dreidel-shaped Chia pet.

Chia does not offer Hanukkah pets, but here's hoping for next year.


Competing with your neighbors? You could adorn your yard with an 11-foot inflatable Hanukkah bear.

A colossal Hanukkah bear was just one of the many epic lawn decorations we discovered.


Is your child an architect at heart? You could send him/her to a workshop to learn how to make a 13-foot-tall menorah decoration made completely out of LEGOs.

Building Blocks workshops aren't just about building giant LEGO creations; participants will also learn about Jewish history in each two-hour program.


Don't forget your pets this Hanukkah. You could consider a pet-sized yarmulke or a Star of David dog bed, just for starters.

These are just two examples of the ever-growing Jewish pet products industry.


This year, you can give your room a festive look with Martha Stewart's new line of Hanukkah bed linens.

Although Martha Stewart has not come out with her own line, there are a variety of Hanukkah linens available for your bedroom.


Don't forget the bathroom. Even your toilet can be Hanukkah ready with a blue dreidel toilet seat cover.

We couldn't believe it either, but a dreidel toilet seat cover with the translation, "a great miracle happened here," could be yours for just $14.99 from


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