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The science of happiness has been booming lately, and we've found out a lot about who's happy, what makes us happy and how to become happy. Take this quiz to find out how much you know about the art of being happy.

What do psychologists consider the single most reliable indicator of happiness?

Even though 48 percent of marriages end in divorce these days, marriage is still the best gauge of happiness.


According to the 2003 Pew Global Attitudes Project (a survey of 38,000 men and women in 44 countries), who's happier -- men or women?

The survey showed that women had greater overall happiness, especially in Japan, Pakistan and Argentina.


Who becomes happier as they age: men or women?

Sorry, ladies -- that happiness apparently isn't going to last. A study by the Journal of Happiness Studies found that men get happier as they get older and women get unhappier.


What's the branch of psychology that studies what makes people happy?

Positive psychology studies various aspects of happiness -- like the difference between momentary elation and enduring happiness.


The World Map of Happiness and the World Values Survey measures happiness by asking questions about social connections, career satisfaction and political and economic stability. According to this survey, what's the happiest country in the world?

Denmark wins out in this study, in which people were quizzed on their happiness levels.


The Happy Planet Index analyzes a country's carbon footprint in relation to its population's happiness and life expectancy. According to the HPI, what's the happiest country in the world?

The tiny Pacific island of Vanuatu wins, which shows that big carbon footprints don't necessarily equal big happiness.


Exercise can make you happy by lowering levels of this hormone, which is associated with stress.

Exercise lowers cortisol levels, which can help you de-stress and, hopefully, make you feel a little happier.


Exercise can also increase happiness by causing your body to release these mood-boosting chemicals.

Endorphins it is. If you're looking for an endorphin rush, you're most likely to get one after intense aerobic activity.


In a nutshell, what does the Easterlin Paradox say about rich people?

In the 1970s, Economist Richard Easterlin found that poor people became happier with increased income. However, it was true only up to a point.


After this certain point, what did Easterlin find made people happier than individual income?

After individual income had increased to a certain level, happiness became tied to relative income -- their income as compared to that of their peers.


According to one study, happy people are surprisingly prone to what kind of behavior?

A 2004 study found that happy people tended to make prejudicial evaluations of other people. No one's sure exactly why, but it could be because happier people aren't motivated to think analytically and so naturally resort to stereotypes.


Which founding document promises "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" to the American people?

Thomas Jefferson penned this famous phrase in the Declaration of Independence.


According to a brief roundup by the New York Times of happiness studies, marriage makes people happy but _____ doesn't.

Hmm…we were surprised by this one, too -- but according to the studies, having children does not increase a person's happiness.


What two groups in the United States have reported lower levels of happiness in recent decades?

Even though women and African-Americans have made great social strides in recent decades, they've apparently been becoming unhappier.


Happy music stimulates our brain to release this chemical, the same one released by chocolate and sex.

Eating chocolate, having sex and hearing happy music all cause the release of dopamine.


According to the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index, which was the happiest state in 2009?

Surprise, surprise -- the tropical paradise of Hawaii is the happiest state in the country.


What was the only state on the East Coast listed in the top 10 of the Well-Being Index in 2009?

Vermont was the sole representative of the East -- the rest of the top 10 were in the West and Midwest.


Hospitalized children are often made happiest by this kind of therapy.

Music therapy has been shown to be the most effective type for sick kids. It's also very helpful in patients with depression.


True or false: Studies have shown that pets make people happier.

Most people don't need scientific research to tell them this, but it's true: Study after study has found that pets make us happy.


About how many years longer can happy people be expected to live than unhappy people?

According to a study published in "The Gerontologist," happy men lived 16 years longer and happy women lived 23 years longer than their unhappy counterparts.


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