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Are you a "Happy Days" aficionado? If so, you're in the right place!

Richie, Potsie, Ralph, and of course, The Fonz, were staples in many American homes for 11 seasons (yes, 11!). That's 255 episodes featuring the Cunninghams and their friends navigating life. The show made several actors household names, including Ron Howard and Henry Winkler, who played Ritchie and Fonzie, respectively - both of whom are now notable directors/filmmakers. More than a decade of airtime ensured that these characters were near and dear to our hearts.

If you're the person who knows which episode Mrs. C first calls Fonzie "Arthur," who Joanie's boyfriend is, and what Mr. C does for a living, let's roll. If you're the one who knows the actual names of Ritchie's friend, Potsie, and the nickname of Ralph, the name of the diner where the gang gathers, and what Fonzie was referring to when he said "Step into my office," this quiz is for you, bucko!

Don't let all those hours of watching one of the biggest television hits in history go to waste, show us how correctemundo you are with this quiz. Bonus points if you hum "I found my thrill on Blueberry Hill" while you're hitting the questions.

Which actor starred in the show as Richie's father?

Tom Bosley played Howard Cunningham, who is Richie's father and a surrogate father to many of Richie's friends.


What is Fonzie's first name?

Henry Winkler played the ultracool Arthur Fonzarelli, a greaser with a heart of gold.


What is the name of Richie's little sister?

Erin Moran played Joanie Cunningham for the duration of the series.


What is the name of the red-haired high school student at the center of the show?

Ron Howard starred as Richie Cunningham, a teen from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


What was Al's Diner called before Al became the owner?

Arnold's Diner became Al's Diner when Al Delvecchio took the helm during season four.


What is the nickname of Richie's best friend, played by Anson Williams?

Williams played Warren "Potsie" Weber. He later went on to become a director, just like Ron Howard.


True or false: Don Most auditioned for the role of Richie.

Most tried out for the part of Richie but ended up playing the wisecracking Ralph Malph.


Who played Richie's mother on the show?

At age 46, Marion Ross was selected to play the role of Marion Cunningham, or Mrs. C.


What is the name of Richie's older brother?

Richie and Joanie have an older brother named Chuck who mysteriously disappears from the series during the second season.


Who moves in above the Cunningham's garage during season three?

When the Cunninghams need to make some extra cash, they rent out the room above the garage to Fonzie.


What is the name of Richie's long-term girlfriend on the show?

Richie and Lori Beth date throughout the series and eventually marry.


What does Fonzie call Joanie?

Fonzie is very close to the Cunningham family and frequently refers to Joanie as "Shortcake."


True or false: The cast and crew played on the Happy Days All-star Softball Team.

To promote the show, creator Garry Marshall had the gang form a softball team, which performed before MLB games.


Where can a guy and gal get some alone time in Milwaukee?

The "Happy Days" gang relies on Inspiration Point for some time away from prying eyes.


Who does the Fonz date during the season four opener?

Fonz famously dates Pinky Tuscadero during a much-hyped, three-part season four opener.


What is the name of Fonzie's little cousin?

Charles "Chachi" Arcola is Fonzie's much-less-cool younger cousin. Wah wah wah.


What year did "Happy Days" premiere?

Despite its 1950s setting, "Happy Days" premiered in 1974.


Who is Joanie's dance partner when she competes in a dance marathon during season four?

Fonzie joins Joanie in a dance marathon after pushing his motorcycle for 12 miles (19 kilometers) because it broke down.


What did Robin Williams play when he guest starred on the show?

Williams played Mork the alien on the season five episode "My Favorite Orkan."


Which of these shows was NOT a "Happy Days" spinoff?

"Happy Days "produced several spinoffs, including "Mork & Mindy," "Laverne & Shirley" and "Joanie Loves Chachi."


What did Fonzie jump over while waterskiing?

Fonzie jumped over a shark while waterskiing, giving rise to the phrase "jumping the shark."


True or false: Fonzie originally wore a windbreaker, not a leather jacket.

When the show premiered, Fonzie sported a chaste tan windbreaker. The leather jacket came later.


True or false: Micky Dolenz from the Monkees almost won the role of Fonzie.

Henry Winkler only won the role of Fonzie after producers decided that Dolenz was too tall to play alongside the shorter Ron Howard.


Who sang the original "Happy Days" theme song?

Bill Haley and the Comets recorded a special version of "Rock Around the Clock" to serve as the "Happy Days" theme song.


Who leaves to join the Army with Richie in 1980?

Ralph and Richie both leave the show in 1980 to "join the Army" and pursue other careers.


What was Chachi's first season on the show?

Chachi, played by Scott Baio, joined the series during season four.


How many seasons did "Happy Days" run?

The show lasted a whopping 11 seasons, with more than 250 episodes airing between 1974 and 1984.


True or false: Garry Marshall originally planned to call the show "Smokin'."

Marshall wanted to call the show "Cool," but the name didn't test well with audiences. He eventually settled on "Happy Days."


True or false: Fonzie's name on the show was almost "the Mash."

The show's creators were going to go with the name Arthur Masciarelli until they realized that "the Fonz" sounded much cooler than "the Mash."


Who is Fonzie's idol?

Fonzie finally gets the chance to meet his idol, the Lone Ranger, during season nine.


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