Apples or Pears: Are you dressing appropriately for your body type?

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Take our fashion challenge quiz and find out if you can apply the right tips to help the hard to fit!

Marie is tall and thin. Stacy and Clinton want her to have a curvier, more balanced look. What type of fit should her clothes have?

Marie's clothes should have a tailored, close fit. Clothes that are too big or too small will only accentuate her height.


How long should Marie's jackets be?

If you're on the tall side,you should wear jackets that hit at the waist. Note that coats can be a bit longer.


If you are tall like Marie, how long should your skirts be?

Taller women should wear skirts that hit at or slightly below the knee for a balanced look.


Mitsi is a bit short. Her clothes can look a bit baggy and sloppy at times. She wants a more sophisticated and more slender look. To help Mitsi look hip and slim, her skirts should:

Skirts that flare out at the bottom can actually draw attention away from the hips to create a slimmer look.


True or False: Mitsi's thick-soled shoes elevate her and give her a taller look.

The chunky platforms do not make her look taller and in fact truncate her look.


Mai is on the short side and likes to show off her curves. Clinton and Stacy want to tone down her style and make her look more professional. What sort of jacket would be most flattering for Mai?

A jacket that comes in at the sides can create a flattering hourglass look that shows off curves


Amy tends to wear long shapeless dresses that she thinks de-emphasize her body. Stacy and Clinton want to create a hip-slimming look for her. Which trouser cut will look most slimming?

Wide-legged trousers create a great line that goes down the body and slims the hips.


Nancy dresses for comfort, not style. She is a bit larger on top than bottom, and Stacy and Clinton want to make those areas look more proportional. What sort of jacket should they fit her with?

A jacket that hits just above the hip will make Nancy's torso appear shorter and her legs longer.


Laura is 33, but she still dresses like a kid. She is on the thin side, so the oversized clothes do not complement her. What sort of sweater would accomodate her chest?

A long V-neck sweater can help make the chest look larger.


Alana has a straight frame. Clinton and Stacy want her to have a curvier look that is also professional. They suggest a blazer with a specific cut to help create this fuller look. What is the jacket like?

Being structured and coming in above the waist with that small flare at the hips, helps give Alana a curvier look.


Jaimee has well-balanced curves and tend to wear tight clothes that draw the wrong type of attention to her curves. Stacy and Clinton want to create a classy and classic look for her. What type of skirt would they recommend?

A-line skirts flatter the hips by being narrow at the top and wider towards the bottom, giving the skirt just enough sex appeal as well as class.


If you have an hourglass shape like Jaimee, how should you accentuate your small waist?

Belted and wrap dresses draw attention to your slender waist.


Lisa has a funnel shape. This means that most of her weight is above the waist. What part of her body should Lisa try to show off?

Dress to draw attention to your legs and make yourself look a little longer.


If you have large breasts like Lisa, you should avoid:

Avoid wide belts if you have larger breasts. These could draw attention to your bust area.


If the widest part of your body is below your waist, how should you draw more attention up top?

Highlight your upper half by wearing shirts that have light or bold colors and prints.


What type of jeans should you avoid if you have broad shoulders?

Skinny jeans will accentuate the width of the upper body. To create a more balanced look, try boot cut or trouser jeans.


Jane is dressing for an interview and would like to hide her belly area. Stacy and Clinton suggest a dress and blazer. For the dress, what type of neckline do the duo recommend?

The deep V-neck raises the eye line to the face, gives a longer neckline and makes you appear longer and leaner.


Christina is planning a trip to the Caribbean and is swimsuit shopping. She has short legs, and would like to create an illusion of longer legs. What type of suit should Christina shop for?

For short legs, choose a suit that has a higher cut on the hips. This style of suit elongates the legs.


What type of jeans should you wear if you have thicker thighs?

The trouser jean is great for concealing the thighs by fitting from the widest part of the hip and continuing straight down.


Amanda has a very small frame and often wears ill-fitting clothes. To create a fuller look, what did Stacy and Clinton suggest?

A structured jacket that comes in above the waist creates a fuller and more balanced look.


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