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These words trip everybody up. When it comes to these tricky terms, sounds can be deceiving. Take this quiz to find out if you're a spelling ace.

A period of 1,000 years:

The year 2000 was celebrated as the beginning of the third millennium.


A cocktail made of rum, lime juice and sugar:

We drank daiquiris and margaritas while we were in St. Maarten.


To recall the past:

She likes to reminisce about her time in France.


To accept, comply or submit tacitly or passively:

Apparently he expected me to acquiesce to him stealing my rent money.


A tropical plant that has red or purple flowers:

There are more than 300 varieties of bougainvillea around the world.


A flower or bouquet worn in a buttonhole:

The groomsmen's boutonnieres were single pink orchids.


The buttocks:

I slipped on the ice and fell on my derriere.


A difference between two opposite things:

Her essay discusses the dichotomy between good and evil in the author's novels.


An officer in the Army, Navy or Air Force with a fairly low rank:

Lieutenant Arnold was on leave when the men were ambushed.


A bright reddish-purple color:

The bridesmaid dresses are the gorgeous color fuchsia.


Producing light when electricity flows through a tube that is filled with a type of gas:

A fluorescent lamp is much more energy efficient than an incandescent lamp.


An expression used to give praise, joy or thanks:

Hallelujah! The bank is approving our loan application.


Foods served in small portions before the main part of a meal:

The reception included passed hors d'oeuvres during the cocktail hour.


Something (such as a word, sentence or song) that helps you remember something (such as a rule or a list of names):

Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally is the mnemonic used to remember the order of operations in mathematics.


A person who likes and knows a lot about a subject:

Jill is a real wine aficionado.


The creation of words that imitate natural sounds:

Buzz and hiss are examples of onomatopoeia.


A large ape with very long arms and reddish-brown hair:

Humans and orangutans share nearly 97 percent of the same DNA.


To make a judgment about something:

He had to accurately gauge the mood of the voters.


Not moving; staying in one place or position:

The weather front has remained stationary over the Southeast.


A plant with large red, pink or white leaves:

Poinsettias are extremely popular during the holidays.


A mixture of dried flower petals, leaves and spices used to make a room smell pleasant:

The bowl of potpourri smelled like vanilla and cinnamon.


A place where people agree to meet at a particular time:

Johnny's Pizza will be the rendezvous point.


Military activity in which soldiers, aircraft, etc. are sent to find information on the enemy:

Two helicopters just left on a reconnaissance mission.


All of the songs that a performer or group of performers knows and can perform:

The band's repertoire includes classic and modern jazz.


An officer of low rank in the army or marines:

Sergeant Dixon led his men into the field for a training exercise.


A person whose job is to take care of sheep:

The shepherd continued to tend to his flock during the storm.


A person who helps organizations or groups to work together:

She acts as a liaison between the police department and city schools.


A person whose job is to drive people around in a car:

His chauffeur drove us all to the concert last night.


A large flying animal that lived when dinosaurs were alive:

Pterodactyl is the common term for the winged reptiles properly called pterosaurs.


To make or have room for:

This table can accommodate 12 comfortably.


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