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Hardwood flooring can bring joy to your home and put bounce in your step. But beware -- neglect it and it might be the bane of your home's existence. See if you can keep your shine (and pride) with this hardwood flooring quiz.

What is the best approach regarding wooden floor maintenance?

Just like your prize Porsche, keep regular maintenance a high priority to prevent bigger problems from surfacing.


How do grime grits affect your wooden floors?

Your mom will surely be pleased with this answer -- she's known it for years. Grime grits are the worst enemy of wooden floors, because they act as sandpaper.


What is the best method for keeping dirt from entering your home?

Stop the dirt dead in its tracks by having doormats strategically positioned at all doors, and make sure they're clean.


What is the American National Wood Flooring Manufacturers' Association (NOFMA) recommendation regarding entrances?

For the entrances' protection (and yours too), NOFMA recommends putting down small carpets or throw-rugs inside entrances.


How often should you vacuum your wooden floors?

Maintenance is key here. Look after your floors by vacuuming them as often as you would carpets.


What is the downside of using a household dust treatment on your wooden floors?

Aside from possibly harming a re-coating process, using a household dust treatment on your wooden floors may dull the finish.


What must you be aware of when you vacuum your wooden floors?

Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum if you like but watch the wheels -- they may scratch the floor.


You want to use a microfiber pad on your floors. Who should you consult with before you do?

While your state legislator may not care a hoot and your spouse may care quite a lot, it's best to ask the flooring manufacturer.


What is the danger of using microfiber cleaning pads on your wooden flooring?

The microfibers might do more harm than good. They might snag wood splinters and expose the unfinished wood below.


How long does it take to cure the floor finish?

It really depends on the type of finish, but anywhere between seven and 90 days is normal.


If you wanted to put down rug pads, what untreated natural fiber could you use?

Examples of untreated natural fiber that are good for rug pads include wool and jute.


Which of these may attack or discolor the floor finish?

Plasticizers may ruin the floor finish. They may be found in the sticky backing of floor rugs.


Why is cotton an ideal fabric for rugs?

Cotton, because it washes so easily, is ideal as a rug fabric.


Is it advisable to use rugs on wooden floors near the stove?

Rugs are great for the stove area, because they protect the wood against spillage.


With the effect of time, some floor finishes change color and age. What can you do about it?

Rotation and protection is the answer. Rotate the rugs on occasion and protect the floor from sunlight by shading the big windows.


How should you address spills on your wooden floors?

Don't wait, lest the spill cause a stain. Use a damp cloth to wipe it up, then a dry one afterward.


What do boot heels have to do with wooden floors?

Boot heels can by injurious to wooden floors. They must be kept regularly in repair so as to prevent sharp pieces from damaging the floor.


You are a pet lover and you have wooden floors. What do you need to know about this glorious combination?

Keep an eye out for long claws. Trim them whenever they get long in order to avoid scratching the wood.


What should you put under the table legs or chair legs to protect the flooring?

It depends on your furniture, but either felt fabric glides or non-marking rubber casters are a good choice.


How should you move older furniture with metal wheels across your wooden floor?

The metal wheels could be your floor's worst enemy. Use felt coasters underneath each wheel and carefully slide the furniture along the floor.


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