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A good mystery endures the years, which helps explain why young detectives like Nancy Drew and the Hardy boys are still delighting fans many decades after they were introduced. Take our quiz to test your knowledge of these classic children's series.

Where does teen sleuth Nancy Drew live?

Nancy and family call the fictional town of River Heights home.

What are the names of Nancy's two best friends throughout the series?

Cousins Bess Marvin and George Fayne are Nancy's best friends and often join in her crime-solving adventures.

What is the name of Nancy's longtime boyfriend?

Nancy and Ned Nickerson go steady throughout the series — until college, that is, when Nancy dumps Ned for a co-ed named Jake.

What is the name of the Drew family housekeeper?

Hannah Gruen serves as both housekeeper and a surrogate mother of sorts to Nancy.

Which Nancy Drew volume has sold more than any other book in the series?

"The Hidden Staircase," which is the second volume in the series, has sold more than two million copies, making it one of the top 100 best-selling children's books of all time.

What is the name of Nancy's pet dog?

Nancy's dog Togo first appears in "The Whispering Statue." The girl detective also had a cat named Snowball, which appeared periodically throughout the series.

What year was the first Nancy Drew book published?

The first three books in the series were released under the name Carolyn Keene on April 28, 1930, and were an instant hit.

What was the first volume in the series called?

"The Secret of the Old Clock" kicked off the Nancy Drew series.

What year was the first movie released based on the books?

Warner Bros. released four Nancy Drew movies between 1938 and 1939, though they were much more slapstick than the novels.

Who was the villain in "The Hidden Staircase"?

Nathan Gomber behaved suspiciously throughout the novel and eventually kidnapped Nancy's father.

How many novels make up the entire series of "Nancy Drew Mystery Stories"?

The original series, which ran from 1930 to 2003, consists of 175 volumes. The final book in the series is called "Werewolf in a Winter Wonderland."

Where did Nancy Drew go to college?

When the "Nancy Drew on Campus" series hit shelves in the mid-'90s, Nancy was a proud student at Wilder University. The series lasted three years and spanned 25 volumes.

What year was the first book published in the "Nancy Drew: Girl Detective" series?

The "Girl Detective" series first hit store shelves in 2004 when "Without a Trace" was published.

Who played Nancy Drew in the 2007 movie about the young investigator?

Emma Roberts starred as Nancy in the film, in which the detective travels to Los Angeles with her father and attempts to solve a Hollywood murder mystery.

True or false: The same person who created Nancy Drew also came up with the Hardy boys.

Writer and publisher Edward Stratemeyer developed the ideas for both series. The books themselves were penned by a number of ghostwriters.

Where do the Hardy boys live?

The Hardy boys reside at the intersection of High and Elm streets in Bayport, a town of 50,000 situated on Barmet Bay.

Which of the following is NOT one of the Hardy boys?

Frank and Joe Hardy starred in the Hardy Boys series. Frank was the older, more serious one, while Joe was younger and more impulsive.

What year did the Hardy Boys series debut?

The first three books in the series were released on May 16, 1927. They were written by Leslie McFarlane under the pen name Franklin W. Dixon.

What was the name of Frank and Joe's best friend?

Chet Morton was the slightly portly best friend to the Hardy brothers. His sister Iola is Joe's love interest throughout the series.

What year did "The Hardy Boys: Undercover Brothers" debut?

"Undercover Brothers," a series in which the Hardy brothers play secret government agents, debuted in 2005 and ran through 2012.

What is the title of the first novel in the series?

"The Tower Treasure," which kicks off with the boys trying to recover Chet's jalopy, is the first book in the Hardy Boys series.

How many books make up the original Hardy Boys canon?

Just 58 books make up the original Hardy Boys canon, with "The Sting of the Scorpion" serving as the last in this original series.

What do Frank and Joe's father do for a living?

Fenton Hardy is a retired New York Police Department detective who opens his own private investigation business. His sons often end up involved in his cases.

Who played Joe Hardy in the 1977 TV series "The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries"?

Heartthrob Shaun Cassidy starred as Joe, while Parker Stevenson played Frank.

What is the name of the Hardy brothers' live-in aunt?

Fenton's sister Gertrude — who also sits cats for extra money — serves as a second mother to Frank and Joe.

What is the name of Frank's love interest in the novels?

Callie Shaw appears in many Hardy Boys books as Frank's special lady.

Who is the chief of the Bayport Police Department?

Ezra Collig is the local police chief in Bayport. Once jealous of the Hardy brothers, he eventually befriends them and helps them solve a few cases.

What do Joe and Frank name their boat?

The Hardy boys use reward money earned in the first few books in the series to purchase their motorboat, which they name "The Sleuth."

How many Hardy Boys books have been sold?

Both the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys series continue to sell 1-2 million units per year. In its first 90 years or so, eager young readers have bought more than 70 millions books in the Hardy Boys series.

True or false: Many of the original Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew novels were completely rewritten in the 1950s and 1960s.

Despite their popularity, the books written prior to the '50s and '60s were rewritten to eliminate racial and gender stereotypes that were no longer acceptable to readers. The tone of both series changed dramatically, and many of these revised versions are completely unrecognizable from the original versions.

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