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What's better than riding down the open road on a legend in the area of motorcycles?

Harley-Davidson has had its share of ups and down, but one thing has stayed constant – its ability to hold the top spot. The iconic motorcycle brand has been one of the top choices for Americans. Which model is your favorite? What about your favorite feature?

Do you know your stuff when it comes to the mechanics of these motorcycles? What powers these beautiful machines when you're driving full-throttle? Knowing your engines and features will be useful for any enthusiast to pass this quiz.

For this quiz, you'll need to know more than just the motorcycles and what's inside. Make sure you know about Harley-Davidson as a company, too! Where are their factories? Who are their competitors? How about how many employees they have?

And don't forget your history of the brand! Who started the company? What was the first motorcycle that they manufactured? You'll need to know it all on this quiz!

Harley-Davidson has made itself a real fan favorite and the first choice for many motorcycle enthusiasts. There are even events held around the world to celebrate the iconic brand. So, if you think you know your stuff about Harley-Davidson, sit back and cruise through this quiz!

In what city was Harley-Davidson established?

It is a brand that Milwaukee touts at every opportunity.


Harley-Davidson and Indian were the only two American motorcycle makers from 1931 until what year?

Following the Depression, it took more than two decades for more companies to enter the market.


in 1905 a Harley-Davidson motorcycle won a race by covering 15 miles (24 kilometers) in how much time?

The 19-minute race happened in Chicago.


What year was Harley-Davidson founded?

It was founded in 1903. Only two motorcycle companies survived the Great Depression, and Harley-Davidson was one of them.


In 1937 Joe Petrali set a record speed by going how fast on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle?

The bike had an aerodynamic tail to help it go faster. It reached 136 miles per hour.


Harley-Davidson employs approximately how many people?

Its 5,900 employees are scattered all around the world.


In 1998 Harley-Davidson opened a factory in which country?

The Brazil factory was the first to operate outside America.


How old was William Harley when he created plans for his first powered bike?

Harley was only 20, and Arthur Davidson was only 21; they were young and aggressive entrepreneurs.


In what year was the first motorcycle rally held in Sturgis, South Dakota?

The rally was first held in 1938 and draws hundreds of thousands of people each year.


For how long did Harley-Davidson retain the Buell brand as a subsidiary?

More than 130,000 motorcycles were built before Harley-Davidson off-loaded the company after 22 years.


Which model was the first to feature electric start?

The new starters appeared on the Electra Glide in 1965.


In what year did Harley-Davidson begin selling in India?

The company tapped into a market with huge potential in 2010.


What was the mascot for the Harley-Davidson racing team starting back in the 1920s?

After winning a race riders put a hog on the bike and rode a victory lap.


By 1911 the U.S. motorcycle industry expanded rapidly to about how many different companies?

Most of those 150 companies only survived for a few years, at most.


The Custom Vehicle Operations division of the company is responsible for what?

The factory-custom business model is one of the company's key selling points.


In 1916 the company began manufacturing which product?

Bicycle production was a natural extension of the company's business model.


What city's police department was the first to deploy officers on Harley-Davidson motorcycles?

The Detroit officers first rolled out in 1908.


The first V-Twin engines produced about how much horsepower?

The 7 horsepower engines were small but effective.


In 1995 Harley-Davidson introduced which major feature for the first time?

Electronic fuel injection first appeared on the Electra Glide model.


By 1920 Harley-Davidson had established dealerships in how many counties?

With dealerships in 67 countries, the company had already become the biggest motorcycle manufacturer on the planet.


Which company bought Harley-Davidson in 1969?

AMF cut employees to reduce costs and quality suffered.


How many different motor scooters has the company manufactured?

The "Topper" wasn't popular enough to inspire more designs.


How many motorcycles did Harley-Davidson manufacture in 1905?

It only made eight — the company was just getting warmed up.


About how many motorcycles did the company manufacture in 1910?

Harley-Davidson manufactured 3,000 motorcycles, but its sales lagged far behind those of Indian, which sold twice as many.


Electra Glides are included in which model family?

All the Touring bikes are preceded by the letters "FL."


In which city did the first Harley-Davidson dealership appear?

It opened in 1904 in Chicago.


How many model families does Harley-Davidson tout?

The six model families have different engines, frames and other traits.


In 2010 Seth Enslow recorded the longest jump ever on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle by going how far?

He jumped 187 feet and broke the old record by more than 20 feet.


How fast did Harley-Davidson's first electric motorcycle go from 0 to 60 miles (97 kilometers) per hour?

It did so in four seconds with hardly a sound.


What is the maximum engine displacement of Sportster models?

These large 1,200 cc engines are intended for racing situations.


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