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Fresh off "The Dick Van Dyke Show," Mary Tyler Moore was eager to make a change, with a show focused on a strong, single independent women making her own way -- no man required. Take our quiz to test your knowledge of this pioneering sitcom.

Who was Mary engaged to before the pilot episode?

Mary was engaged to med student Bill for two years before he broke things off, leaving the 30-year old Mary looking to make a fresh start.


Where is the show set?

Mary Richards moves to Minneapolis after ending her relationship with Bill. The show was a major move in TV history, and the show was the first ever to focus on a single, independent career woman.


What job does Mary first apply for at WJM-TV?

Mary is dismayed to learn that the secretary job she applied for has already been filled. She takes an associate producer role instead and later gets promoted to producer.


What is the name of Mary's boss on the show?

Mary works for producer Lou Grant, who hates her spunk, but hires her anyway. Ed Asner played the grumpy but lovable Lou on the show.


What segment starred Sue Ann Nivens?

Betty White played The Happy Homemaker Sue Ann Nivens, who was sweet and demure onscreen, but tough to work with when the cameras were off.


What was Murray's job on the show?

Played by Gavin MacLeod, Murray Slaughter was head writer on the show, as well as Mary's close friend and confidante.


What was the name of the head anchor on the show?

Ted Knight played the oblivious Ted Baxter, anchor of the Six O'Clock News on WJM.


What is the name of Ted's girlfriend?

Georgette Franklin was Ted's ditsy girlfriend, and later wife, after the two married in Mary's apartment.


What was Rhoda's job when the show premiered?

Both Rhoda and Georgette initially work as window dressers for the fictional Hempel's Department Store in Minneapolis.


What is Gordy's job on the show?

Gordy the weather man is a professional -- and the complete opposite of Ted Baxter. He leaves Minneapolis to work in New York City.


Who managed the apartment building where Mary lived?

Played by Cloris Leachman, Phyllis Lindstrom was both building manager and friend to Mary.


Who does Phyllis' husband have an affair with?

Phyllis is married to a dermatologist named Lars, but leaves him after he has an affair with Sue Ann Nivens.


What award do the members of the WJM newsroom covet?

Lou Grant and the gang faithfully attend the annual Teddy Awards in the hope of picking up a prize. Sue Ann Nivens nabs a Teddy one year for her segment "Cooking Fowl," which she dedicates to an 18-pound turkey.


Who does Lou start dating in Season 4?

In Valerie Harper's final regular appearance on "Mary Tyler Moore," Rhoda starts dating Lou Grant, but the pair can't decide how to define their relationship.


Why is Mary sent to jail in the Season 5 premiere?

Mary ends up in the slammer after failing to reveal a source. While behind bars, she befriends two prostitutes, one of whom appears again later in the series.


What is the name of Murray's wife?

Murray and his wife Marie have several daughters and adopt a son from Vietnam in Season 5. Though Marie often worries about the relationship between Mary and Murray, they assure Marie that they are just good friends.


What popular clown kicks the bucket in Season 6?

It's a sad day at WJM when the rarely-seen, but often mentioned, Chuckles the Clown bites the dust.


What kills Chuckles?

Chuckles is killed by an elephant while he is dressed as a peanut. While Mary takes his death very seriously, she cracks up during his funeral.


What is the name of Ted and Georgette's adopted son?

After struggling to conceive, Ted and Georgette adopt David -- then find out that Georgette is pregnant with their biological child, Mary Lou.


What is Mary addicted to in Season 7?

Mary develops an addiction to pain killers in one Season 7 episode. Mr. Grant and Murray are so concerned about her, that they barge into her apartment while she's trying to take a relaxing bubble bath.


Which of these is not one of Mary's strong points?

One running gag throughout the series was Mary's disastrous attempts to host parties, including one Season 7 event attended by Johnny Carson where the power goes out in Mary's apartment.


Who is the only cast member to keep their job in the series finale?

In the final episode of the series, all the cast members are fired from WJM with the exception of anchorman Ted Baxter.


Which cast member did NOT get a spinoff show?

"Mary Tyler Moore" produced three spinoffs -- "Rhoda," "Phyllis" and "Lou Grant."


Where is the spinoff "Rhoda" set?

Rhoda leaves Minneapolis to visit her sister Brenda in New York. After falling for Joe Gerard, she stays in the Big Apple and the spinoff "Rhoda" focuses on her new life.


How many seasons did Rhoda run?

Viewers loved the union between Rhoda and Joe, who were married eight weeks into Season 1. The show stuck around for five seasons.


Where is the spinoff "Phyllis" set?

After her husband Lars dies, Phyllis and her daughter Bess move to San Francisco, where Phyllis takes a job in a photography studio.


What is Lou Grant's job in the spinoff series "Lou Grant?"

Lou moves to L.A. after "Mary Tyler Moore" ends and takes a job as editor at the "Los Angeles Tribune."


What year was the reunion movie "Mary and Rhoda" released?

Mary Tyler Moore and Valerie Harper reunited in 2000 for a made-for-TV movie. In the flick, Mary's husband has passed away and Rhoda has just divorced her second husband.


What does Mary famously throw in the opening credits?

Mary tosses her hat into the air in front of Donaldson's Department Store to the music of "Love is All Around."


How many seasons did "Mary Tyler Moore" run?

The show ran for 168 episodes over seven seasons from 1970 to 1977.


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