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Legendary comedienne Lucille Ball lives on in black-and-white, thanks to never-ending reruns of her classic series, "I Love Lucy." Fans of the show may be surprised to learn that Ball actually spent years on TV after her first series ended, ditching ex-husband Desi Arnaz and returning as the widowed Lucy Carmichael in "The Lucy Show." Take our quiz to see how much you remember about this red-headed leading lady and her memorable second act on TV.

What was the name of the character played by Vivian Vance on "The Lucy Show"?

After years of being called Ethel, after her character on "I Love Lucy," Vivian Vance agreed to appear on "The Lucy Show" only if her character would be named Vivian. Producers agreed, so Vance appeared on the show as the divorced Vivian Bagley, a single mom raising a son named Sherman.


How many kids did Lucy have on the show?

Lucy was a proud mom to older daughter Chris and son Jerry. Oddly, both kids were largely phased out of the show after the first couple of seasons, so the plots could focus more on Lucy's antics instead of her family life.


Where was the show set?

Lucy and Viv lived in the fictional town of Danfield, New York. After season four, Lucy left Viv behind and moved to Hollywood, California. Most of the episodes from this point forward focused on Lucy's run-ins with various celebrities.


Where did most of Lucy's money come from?

Lucy's deceased husband left her a trust to support herself and the kids. Unfortunately for Lucy, the money was under the control of grouchy bank manager, Mr. Barnsdahl, who refused to let her squander a single penny.


What animal did Lucy famously dress up as during her stint as a secretary in season one?

To pick up some extra money to buy a bike for Jerry, Lucy took a job as a temporary secretary in an office building. After an unpleasant encounter with an elevator left Lucy without her clothes, she was forced to spend the rest of the day wearing a kangaroo costume.


In the first season, where did Lucy almost drown?

After her daughter continually hogged the bathroom, Lucy decided to add a new shower to her home. While installing the new unit with Viv, she nearly drowned, until Viv pulls her to the surface by her hair. Because the show was shot live, Lucy really was having trouble surfacing during the scene, so Viv did her a big favor by pulling her up, and the clip ended up being used in the show.


What product did Lucy and Viv try to sell in season one -- creating a scene much like the famous chocolate factory in "I Love Lucy"?

Lucy and Viv decided to start a caramel popcorn empire in season one, creating a huge, sticky mess in the kitchen -- which they must clean up before the cops came to slap them with a fine for running a business out of the home.


A replica of the White House made out of what item won Lucy a trip to meet President Kennedy?

After calling the president to brag about a sugar cube model of the White House created by local Boy Scouts, Lucy was invited to bring the creation to Washington, D.C. Unfortunately, the sugar cubes tumbled down during the train ride to the White House, forcing Lucy and Viv to reconstruct the project on the fly.


Where did Theodore Mooney work?

Bank manager Mr. Barnsdahl disappeared after season one, to be replaced by the new manager Theodore Mooney, who also got put in charge of Lucy's trust fund. Mooney and Lucy spent a night locked in the bank vault together just after meeting -- right after Lucy managed to accidentally give Mooney's son a mohawk while cutting his hair.


What sporting equipment did Lucy buy to impress a handsome salesman in the season three premiere?

Hoping to impress a handsome salesman, Lucy bought a pair of roller skates in the season three premiere. To make herself seem more ladylike, she asked for a size that was much too small -- then had a hilarious evening after the skates got stuck on her swollen feet.


Which of these jobs did Lucy take on in the third season of the show?

Lucy picked up a job as a meter maid in season third. In typical Lucy fashion, the job was a disaster as Lucy's ego led her to abuse her power. She then teamed up with an undercover detective to help him solve a crime in her official meter maid capacity.


Lucy won a trip to which far-flung destination in season three?

Lucy took best buddy Viv along after winning a trip to Las Vegas in season three. The pair realized they only had $5 to spend once they arrived, leading them to dress up as rich gambling women to score sweet comps.


Which of Lucy's close friends on the show was played by Ann Sothern?

Ann Sothern played Lucy's friend Rosie Harrigan -- a.k.a. the Countess Framboise. Though the Countess led everyone to think she was wealthy, she was actually flat broke and spent many hours plotting to scam money from Mr. Mooney.


What was Lucy's reason for moving to Hollywood at the start of season four?

Lucy moved to California to be closer to daughter Chris, who was in college on the west coast. When she arrived in L.A., she promptly enrolled her son in military school and both kids pretty much disappeared from the show.


Why didn't Viv go to California with Lucy?

Viv was a widow for the first three seasons, but she conveniently remarried just as Lucy moved to California. Off-screen, Vivian Vance was ready to relax for a while, so she was happy to have her character written off the series.


What was the name of Lucy's stunt man persona?

In an effort to pick up a few extra bucks, Lucy spent several episodes working as a Hollywood stunt double. To get the part, she dressed as a male cowboy by the name of Iron Man Carmichael.


Which celeb played a drunk vagabond that Lucy tried to rescue in season four?

Milton Berle was just one of the dozens of celebs who appeared on "The Lucy Show." In season four, he played himself going undercover as a drunken bum to research a role. When Lucy met him, he pretended to be Milton Berle's twin brother, Arthur, leading Lucy to launch a tirade against the actor for failing to care for his "twin."


What did Wayne Newton's character require before he could perform when he made a guest appearance on the show?

Newton played a young farmer who helped Lucy find Mr. Mooney's lost dog. When she realized that the young man could sing, she helped connect him to a record company. Unfortunately, he had trouble performing when he wasn't around his favorite cows and pigs.


On what show was Lucy offered $200 to be totally silent for 24 hours?

Lucy appeared on Art Linkletter's show in a season four episode, and the legendary host offered her $200 if she could stay silent for a full day. To make the contest more interesting, he arranged for a faux robbery and a man in a gorilla suit to attempt to elicit a scream from the unsuspecting Lucy.


Which singer did Lucy go on a date with in season four?

After Lucy was set up on a date with Dean Martin's double, Eddie Feldman, Eddie fell ill and asked Dean to go on the date in his place. Lucy was none the wiser and spent the date making snide remarks about Dean, not realizing that she was spending the evening with him.


What object did Lucy miraculously lift off of Mooney's foot in the season four finale?

In the season four finale, Lucy somehow summoned the strength to drag a giant computer -- remember, this was the '60s and computers were much larger -- off of Mooney's foot. The act gave her lasting super strength, and endorsement deals come pouring in, until her power faded.


Which comedian asked Lucy to be his showbiz partner in the season five premiere?

After meeting her when she was working at the bank, George Burns was so enchanted by Lucy that he invited her to go on the road with him. She turned the offer down to stay loyal to Mr. Mooney and help him out at the bank.


What did Lucy do to win a trip to London in season five?

In the episode "Lucy Goes to London," Lucy won a trip to England after writing a jingle for a dog food commercial.


What was the name of Lucy's best friend in the show's final two seasons?

With Vivian Vance off the show, Lucy needed a new gal pal. Producers brought in Mary Jane Croft to play Mary Jane Lewis. Fans of "I Love Lucy" may remember Croft from her appearance as a very confused plane passenger who sits next to Lucy on the trip home from Europe -- when Lucy carries a wedge of cheese disguised as a baby.


Why didn't Lucy finish high school?

Lucy never got her diploma because a case of the measles caused her to miss her final exams. She finally graduated in season six, after returning to school.


What did Lucy and Carol Burnett work as when Burnett appeared on the show?

In a two-part episode uniting two very funny ladies, Lucy and Carol Burnett played the parts of trainee flight attendants who were forced to entertain passengers when the in-flight movie went on the blink.


Whose house did Lucy end up at after her car broke down, when Viv visited California in season six?

Lucy's car broke down during a drive through the desert, stranding Lucy and Viv. They went to the nearest house for help, only to learn that it belonged to Joan Crawford.


What business did Lucy help Ken Berry start when he appeared on the show?

Entertainer Ken Berry -- who later made it big on "Mama's Family" -- made a cameo on "The Lucy Show" as a man looking to open a dance studio. After the bank turned him down, Lucy did her best to help him get publicity, to help his business succeed.


True or false: "The Lucy Show" was only supposed to run for a single season.

Desilu Studios was in deep trouble after "I Love Lucy" ended and Lucy and Desi divorced. To save the studio, Desi convinced ex-wife Lucy to take on a new series for only a single season. Of course, the show was so popular that it went on much longer then what they originally planned.


How many seasons did the show run?

"The Lucy Show" ran for more than 150 episodes over six seasons, from 1962 to 1968. The end of the series didn't mean the end for Lucille Ball on television, however; the star immediately went on to participate in "Here's Lucy," which also featured her two real-life children.


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