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It was one of the most successful cop dramas in TV history. How much do you remember about the action-packed TV series "Hawaii Five-0"? Can you nail all the major differences between the classic and the reboot? Test your book-'em smarts and see if you can "Murder One" this quiz.

In which year did the show debut?

The show first appeared in 1968, becoming one of the strongest police dramas in TV history.


For how many seasons did the show air?

With a whopping 12 seasons, "Hawaii Five-0" lasted far longer than most TV shows. Its longevity wouldn't be topped for years.


Which TV show finally eclipsed "Hawaii Five-0" as the longest-running crime drama?

In 2003, "Law & Order" finally surpassed "Hawaii Five-0" as the longest-running crime drama. The former ran for 20 seasons and 456 episodes.


Which major network aired the show during its run?

The show had consistently high rankings that made it a winner for CBS.


To what does the "Five-0" in the show's title refer?

The "Five-0" refers to Hawaii's statehood -- the island was the 50th state added to the U.S.


Which actor played the role of Detective Capt. Steve McGarrett?

Jack Lord was McGarrett. Lord also had a role as Felix Leiter in the first "James Bond" movie.


McGarrett is the head of which department?

McGarrett leads a small team of state police officers who investigate a wide variety of crime scenes.


In 1970, for what did the show win an Emmy Award?

It won for Outstanding Musical Composition, thanks to the hard work of Morton Stevens.


Why did the crew sometimes struggle with their roles during filming?

In the late 60s and early 70s there was very little filming being done in Hawaii, meaning that the locals who were hired to help often had no clue as to what they were supposed to be doing.


Which character often repeats the phrase, "Book 'em, Danno"?

McGarrett often uttered the phrase at the end of episodes, in a sign that the team had done its job by catching and jailing the bad guys.


Where were most of the episodes filmed?

True to the show's name, almost all of the shooting was done on location in Hawaii.


In what year did a reboot of the TV series debut?

The relaunched series debuted in 2010 and proved successful -- 2016 marked the beginning of the seventh season.


Kono Kalakaua played the character with which name?

Kalakaua was Zulu, who was a prominent character during the first four seasons of the show.


Which actor starred in a never-aired 1996 pilot for a potential reboot of the show?

The wild-eyed Busey was a star of the pilot, and James McArthur returned to play the governor. The pilot never hit broadcast TV.


Which actor was originally offered the part of Steve McGarrett?

Richard Boone, who made a name for himself in dozens of Western films, was the first choice, but he turned down the role.


In Season 5, which character did Ben Kokua replace?

Kokua replaced Kalakaua; Kokua lasted for Seasons 5, 6 and 7.


How many different secretaries appeared in the show?

As the show lasted for more than a decade, the casting director went through five different women who played five secretaries.


What is the name of Steve McGarrett's nemesis?

Wo Fat is a spy from the People's Republic of China, and he gives McGarrett fits for years.


What was Kam Fong Chun's job before he appeared on the show as a detective.

He'd been a police officer for nearly two decades before he decided to become an actor.


How many total episodes were there in the original series?

During the 12-season run, the cast and crew managed to churn out 279 episodes.


What is Che Fong's job?

Fong is the forensic specialist who is trained to examine evidence from a scientific perspective.


Which of the show's crew died during the sixth season?

Executive producer Leonard Freeman died from heart problems. The rest of the crew had to find a way to fill his considerable shoes for six more seasons.


What happened to the character named Chin Ho Kelly?

Actor Kam Fong got tired of the role and wanted to move on with his career. He asked that his character be murdered during an investigation.


Richard Denning came out of retirement to play which character?

Denning gave up the easy life of retirement to play the governor. Denning's career started in 1937 and lasted until at least 1980.


In how many seasons did "Danno" appear?

Danno appeared in 11 of the 12 seasons, after which actor James MacArthur went back to his roots in theater.


In which season did Jim "Kimo" Carew make his first appearance?

Carew didn't appear until the 12th and final season. The characters named Truck and Lori Wilson also didn't appear until the 12th season.


Why was one episode from the second season never rebroadcast?

One person who watched the episode apparently tried to copy a suicide technique featured in the episode; it was never played again.


In the rebooted show, which actor plays McGarrett?

Alex O'Loughlin is McGarrett. The actor has also had roles in "Three Rivers" and "Moonlight," among other productions.


What does McGarrett wear in nearly every episode of the show?

His formal suit and tie are unusual in laid-back Hawaii, meaning that McGarrett stands out in a crowd.


In the rebooted show, Kono Kalakaua has what job before she becomes a police officer?

Kalakaua, played by Grace Park, is a former professional surfer who gives up the beach bum lifestyle to become a cop.


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