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Feeling guilty for binge-watching "Game of Thrones" in one weekend, only to follow it with a week of "Girls" episodes and revisiting "The Wire" for the fourth time? Make all that couch-sitting worthwhile by acing this HBO Original Programming Quiz.

"Curb Your Enthusiasm" followed the fictional misadventures of Larry David, the real-life creator of what show?

Larry even pulled off a "Seinfeld" reunion on the show.

What HBO show could be considered an early pioneer of reality television?

Sometimes lewd or graphic, the "stars" of the show were unsuspecting civilians.

What famous President did Paul Giamatti portray in the HBO miniseries of the same name?

"John Adams" aired in 2008.

Andrew Rannells originated the role of Elder Price on Broadway in "Book of Mormon." What HBO show does he regularly appear on?

As Hannah's former roommate Elijah, we unfortunately don't get to see Rannells sing and dance nearly enough.

"Hard Knocks" follows a team from what league?

"Hard Knocks" follows an NFL team during training camp.

Bill Maher hosts what roundtable talk show on HBO?

Airing since 2003, guests discuss global and national current events.

What is an upcoming HBO series, currently in development?

"The Young Pope" will supposedly follow an old pope. Kidding! It's a young pope!

"The Wire" took place in what American city?

Each season of the series followed a different aspect of the city's culture.

What comedian's first series was on HBO?

"Lucky Louie" was a precursor to Louis CK's acclaimed FX series, "Louie."

What show was set in Botswana?

The show was also filmed in Botswana.

What was showrunner David Simon's follow-up to "The Wire?"

"Generation Kill" was an adaptation of a book about a reporter embedded in Iraq.

What is the name of Richard Hendricks' start-up in "Silicon Valley?"

Nobody is a huge fan of the name except for Richard himself.

What HBO show won the most Emmys for any miniseries aired?

"John Adams" scored a whopping 13 Emmys.

What Aaron Sorkin-penned series lasted three seasons on HBO?

About a cable news show, the episodes followed real current events.

How many seasons was "The Sopranos" on air?

The critical hit was on for six seasons.

The song "Way Down In the Hole" is a theme for what series?

The Tom Waits song was performed by different artists each season.

Who does Carrie end up with at the end of "Sex and the City"?

But the ride wasn't over, with a couple of film sequels after the show's finale.

Krazee Eyez Killa was a character on what show?

Larry and Krazee Eyez had some predictable misunderstandings.

A ghost is a recurring character in what series?

The patriarch of the Fisher family dies in the first episode, but still manages to butt into family business from beyond.

"The Larry Sanders Show" starred what comedian?

While the fictional show-within-a-show did indeed star Larry Sanders, Garry Shandling played the part.

In the series opening credits, Tony Soprano is on what road?

Tony is seen going through the toll on the Turnpike.

What HBO show features Adam Driver, who found worldwide fame after portraying Kylo Ren in "Star Wars: The Force Awakens?'

Honestly, dealing with Hannah Horvath's neuroses might make anyone turn to the dark side.

What beloved children's show is debuting its 2016 season on HBO?

The show will air reruns on PBS.

How many wives did Bill have on "Big Love?"

The Hendrickson clan had three moms, one dad and a gaggle of kids.

Who has narrated (nearly) every season of "Hard Knocks"?

Paul Rudd narrated one season when the show followed the Kansas City Chiefs.

What is Johnny Drama's real last name on "Entourage?"

Remember, he's Vincent Chase's half-brother.

Debuting in 2016, what series is based on a Michael Crichton film?

The series is a remake of a 1973 science fiction film.

What was the premise of "Oz?"

A little singing or dancing would've been nice.

"Office Space" writer and director Mike Judge created what HBO series?

Judge developed the series based on his own experience in the early tech industry.

What television series spoils the future books the episodes are adapted from?

George RR Martin couldn't quite keep up his novel-writing with the pace of the show.

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