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We make a lot of assumptions about what's healthy and what isn't. How much do you really know about so-called healthy foods and behaviors? Take this quiz to see if you can separate the good from the bad.

True or false: All products listed as "100 percent natural" are, in general, better for you.

Read the labels before you buy instead of simply choosing a product for its marketing appeal.

Brushing your teeth as hard as possible has what effect?

Brushing too hard can cause receding gumlines. A lighter touch is better for your teeth and mouth.

Which common sunscreen ingredient can be unhealthy?

It is considered a potential health hazard, and it affects your body long after you've left the beach.

So-called light salad dressings are often loaded with what?

Overdosing on salt and sugar offsets any benefits of light dressings.

Why are veggie pizzas not quite as healthy as they seem?

Restaurants often pack on the cheese to add substance to these veggie dishes.

To maintain a healthy weight, how many meals per day should you eat?

Diet plans often stress eating numerous small meals, but some studies show that this can actually backfire. You should eat about three meals per day.

About how much sodium does an average can of soup have?

It has about 200 milligrams of sodium. Crazy-high levels of salt make many canned soups an unhealthy option.

What happens when you take higher-than-recommended levels of vitamins?

Your body will do away with many excess vitamins, but in some cases they can be toxic.

Why is granola often a poor snacking choice?

High sugar content makes granola a calorie-heavy option.

Sun exposure can damage your skin, but avoiding it altogether can lead to a deficiency in what vitamin?

Moderate sun exposure provides vitamin D and is vital to bone and muscle development.

Frozen diet dinners often contain too much of what ingredient?

They often have too much salt. You're far better off eating fresh foods and regulating your portions.

Why does napping during the day have negative consequences for many people?

Naps can be refreshing from time to time, but they can also worsen insomnia.

About how many calories does a single serving of spinach artichoke dip contain?

The fat and sodium levels make this a poor way to ingest your green veggies

Why are gluten-free products healthier than other products?

For many companies, the gluten-free fad has a lot do with marketing and profiteering.

BHA is found in crackers, beer, butter and other foods and may cause what?

It's best to avoid butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA) if you can.

Which color of corn chips is healthiest?

No matter the color, corn tortilla chips have similar levels of salt, fat and calories.

What's a drawback of antibacterial soap?

Plus, it doesn't do anything to stop viruses, which cause many of our handwashing-related health problems

Why are doughnuts NOT a great choice for breakfast?

They aren't healthy in general, but the lack of protein means you'll just have an energy crash shortly after you eat one.

Why is flavored fat-free yogurt NOT so healthy?

One serving could have 15 or more grams of sugar.

What do many bottled waters fail to list on their labels?

Many don't list water treatment history. In some cases your tap water is actually purer than the bottled stuff.

Deli turkey meat often has levels of this substance, which is hard on your heart.

Deli meat often has nitrates and is not always as healthy as people want to believe.

What makes diet soda less than healthy for your body?

It seems counterintuitive, but diet sodas can lead to unwanted weight gain.

What potentially life-threatening ingredient do many manufacturers add to dried fruit?

Sulfur dioxide is used as a preservative but can cause dangerous reactions in allergic consumers.

How does skipping meals, such as breakfast, help a weight-loss plan?

It doesn't really help. You're better off eating regularly to avoid swings in body chemistry.

What ingredient do enhanced waters often include in excess?

They often include too much sugar. Sticking with regular old water is the best choice.

Diet soda might lead to how much of an increase in metabolic syndrome?

It may lead to a 36 percent increase in metabolic syndrome, and it may trigger Type 2 diabetes.

How many calories are there in a 40-ounce (1,134-gram) Smoothie King Greek Yogurt Peach Papaya smoothie?

There are 680 calories in it. Smoothies, especially from retail stories, are notorious for their caloric punch.

How long should you wait to brush your teeth after a meal?

You should wait 30 minutes. Let your saliva neutralize acids in your mouth before brushing — it will preserve your enamel.

What makes for a good snack after a hard workout?

Many protein bars and trail mixes are chock-full of calories and sugar, but a low-sodium jerky can help your body recover.

What is the optimum number of showers per day to maintain hygiene?

Actually, even one may be pushing it. Showering too often can be hard on your skin and hair.

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