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Hedgehogs may look cute and harmless, but these tiny creatures have powerful defenses to protect themselves from predators. Take our quiz to see how much you know about the mighty hedgehog!

How many species of hedgehog are there?

There are 15 different hedgehog species native to Europe, Asia and Africa.


Which of these is among the hedgehog's favorite foods?

Hedgehogs prefer to chow down on insects, worms, snails and some larger creatures, like frogs and snakes.


True or false: Hedgehogs have terrible eyesight.

The hedgehog may not see all that well, but it makes up for that with its excellent hearing and sense of smell.


True or false: Hedgehogs have tails.

A typical hedgehog measures 5-12 inches (13-30 centimeters), with a tail ranging from 1-2 inches.


How much does an average hedgehog weigh?

The average hedgehog weighs 14-39 ounces, or just shy of 1 pound to slightly less than 3 pounds.


True or false: Hedgehogs live a solitary lifestyle.

Hedgehogs prefer to live alone and only come together to mate.


How long do baby hedgehogs spend with mom before venturing off?

A litter of baby hedgehogs can range in size from one to 11. The babies only stay with mom for four to seven weeks before moving out on their own.


True or false: Both mother and father hedgehogs sometimes feast on their young.

Hedgehog dads commonly prey on their young, and even a mother hedgehog may eat her young if her nest is disturbed.


True or false: The prickly spikes on a hedgehog are called quills.

The back of a hedgehog is covered in quills, which are made of keratin, the same stuff your hair and nails are made from.


True or false: A hedgehog is a type of porcupine.

Hedgehogs and porcupines are not related, and the hedgehog actually has more in common with the shrew or the mole.


Which of these is NOT a common hedgehog home?

Hedgehogs rarely make their home in trees, preferring ground-level nests or underground burrows.


How many quills does a typical hedgehog sport?

The average hedgehog has between 3,000 and 5,000 quills, which serve as an armor of sorts to protect the tiny creature from predators.


True or false: Hedgehogs can roll like a ball.

Sorry Sonic fans — the hedgehog can’t roll around when it's tightly coiled into a ball.


True or false: Hedgehogs can shoot their quills to attack predators.

It may sound cool, but the hedgehog can't shoot his quills. It is possible for the quills to fall out or break off at times but not on command.


When do hedgehogs like to sleep?

Hedgehogs are nocturnal by nature, which means they sleep during the day and play at night.


What do you call a group of hedgehogs?

A group of hedgehogs is called an array, but such groups are rare because of the creature's solitary nature.


True or false: It is legal to own a hedgehog in every U.S. state.

Hedgehog legality varies by state, but as of 2016, they are prohibited as pets in Hawaii, California and New York City.


True or false: There are wild hedgehogs living in the U.S.

The hedgehog is not native to the U.S. and unlikely to survive in the wild if released in the country.


True or false: Groundhog Day was almost called Hedgehog Day.

German settlers in Pennsylvania wanted to see if the hedgehog could see its shadow. When they realized that there were no hedgehogs in the U.S., they used a groundhog instead.


How long does the average hedgehog live?

Over half of all hedgehogs die within a year. Truly lucky critters may live as long as a decade.


True or false: Hedgehog quills are poisonous to humans.

Contrary to rumor, the hedgehog quill is neither barbed nor poisonous.


True or false: Hedgehogs are born with no visible quills.

Baby hedgehogs are smooth with quills hidden below their skin. The quills start to protrude from the skin around 24 hours after birth.


True or false: Hedgehogs can eat many things that are poisonous to other animals.

The tiny hedgehog has a larger-than-life ability to safely consume venomous snakes, beetles, bees and wasps, which would kill or sicken other creatures if consumed.


True or false: Simply handling a hedgehog can kill a human.

In 2012, 20 people in the U.S. were sickened with salmonella from hedgehogs, and one person died.


Why do hedgehogs rub spit on their bodies?

When a hedgehog encounters a new scent, it coats its body in spit to mask its own scent.


True or false: Hedgehogs can't make any noises.

The hedgehog has plenty to say and may grunt, squeal, whistle, purr or even scream.


True or false: All hedgehogs are tan and white.

Hedgehogs come in a wide variety of colors, including gray, tan, brown and white. Many have white undersides, and some are completely white from quill to tail.


How far can a hedgehog travel in a day?

Hedgehogs can travel up to 6.5 ft. per second, allowing them to cover 2 miles per day.


How many toes does the average hedgehog have per foot?

Most hedgehogs have five curved toes per foot, which are perfect for digging. One variety, the four-toed hedgehog, has — you guessed it — four toes per foot.


What famous hedgehog had 600,000 Instagram followers before his 2015 death?

Biddy the traveling hedgehog amassed 600,000 fans before sadly passing away at age 3 in 2015.


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