Help Us Read Your Palm and We'll Tell You About Your Future!

Teresa M.

About This Quiz

Do you want to know what tomorrow holds for you? Help us read your palm, and we'll tell you what's waiting around the corner. Dare to find out? Take the quiz and see the future!

Would you consider your right hand or your left hand to be more dominant?

Do you have long or short fingers?

Would a square or a rectangle fit best in your palm?

Your life line is closest to your thumb. Is it wavy or straight?

Is your life line very close to your thumb?

Your heart line is the first line at the top of your palm. Where does it start?

Do your heart line and your life line meet?

Your fate line is the third line on your palm. Do you have one?

The head line is the second line down on your palm. How would you describe it?

Which of the four lines on your palm is longest?

Which of your lines is most prominent?

Are the lines on your palms similar or are they different?

Do you have any broken lines on your dominant palm?

Are your palms wide or are they narrow?

Have you ever visited a palm reader?

Do you frequently moisturize your hands?

What do you hope your palm reading says about your future?

Which word best describes the skin on your hands?

What would you most like to learn from having your palm read?

How would you describe your fingers in relation to your palm?

Do you work with your hands?

How seriously will you take your palm reading?

What do you think the average person could tell my looking at your hands?

Which of the four elements are you most in tune with?

Do you think palm reading is more accurate than reading tea leaves?

Do you have any circles or crosses on your lines?

Would you like to find out when you will die?

Are any of the lines on your palm hard to see?

Would you get a manicure before seeing a palm reader?

What type of reading will you try next?

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