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Raising children may be the hardest job you will ever do. Use some of these tips to make life easier for everyone. Take this quiz to learn more about how to help your child through the days.

When are children more likely to misbehave?

Children may misbehave when they are bored or frustrated.


What may help a child to be occupied and better behaved?

An engaged child is more likely to be a well behaved child. Find fun activities for your children to be engaged with.


Painting is so messy. What is a cleaner alternative?

Don't let the mess discourage you from exposing your children to the joys of painting. If you don't have the time or place for messy paints, use crayons.


How can water be fun for toddlers?

Give your toddler a bowl of water and some plastic cups, then watch the fun begin.


How can you put together a fun and easy tea party for your children?

Invite all the teddy bears to a tea party. Use plastic cups or buy an inexpensive tea set.


How can you encourage your child to play?

Take a few minutes and join in the fun. By participating, you let your children know that what they are doing is important.


What is an inexpensive "toy" that your child can enjoy for hours?

A big empty box can be loads of fun for your child. Your child may have more fun with the box than with the toys you spent a lot of money on.


How can you extend bath time into play time?

Bring some toys into the tub, and turn bath time into play time. Special bath toys are great, but simple plastic cups can be lots of fun, too!


How do young children discover the world?

Young children get down on the ground, and discover the world by touching, shaking, tasting and on and on.


How should you childproof your home?

Use electric outlet covers, and store breakable and dangerous items safely out of reach.


How can you encourage independence?

Let your child make some decisions, like what clothing to wear.


What is positive reinforcement?

Praising a child's good behavior is a way to positively reinforce that specific behavior.


What sentence is the best one to get your child to clean up?

Saying "Clean up your toys, please" tells your child what to do rather than what not to do.


What may start children using raised voices?

When parents use raised voices, the children think it is okay and mimic them.


What should you do when you say "no" to your child?

Explain to your child why you are saying "no."


If your child has trouble sharing toys with friends, what may help?

Put your child's favorite toy away. This may make it easier for your child to share the other toys.


What should you do if your child hurts a friend?

Kids will be kids, but let your child know that hurting another child is unacceptable behavior. Separate the children, and talk with your child about what happened and why.


How can you help a child with bedtime fears?

Chase the scary thoughts right out of their bedroom. With your child, actually act out chasing the scary thoughts away.


What may help you to cope with your kids?

Take a break, and get a baby sitter! You can also team up with other parents and take turns watching the children.


Where can you get great ideas to help cope with your children?

Talk to other parents, and to your older family members who have already been there and done that.


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