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There are some things that are 100% associated with America. Does it get any more American than Disneyland, football and Coca-Cola? In this quiz, we're going to test your knowledge of all things red, white and blue!

Which cowboy actor is pure Americana?

Does it get any more American than John Wayne? This famous actor was known for his Westerns, and for his free, American spirit.

Which president is the epitome of Americana?

George Washington is a key symbol in America. If they could, all Americans would own a cherry tree.

Which pie is the most American?

Apple pie is one of the most American things in America. It doesn't get much more wholesome and good than that.

Which sport is most associated with America?

Both football and baseball are considered pure Americana. There's no need to choose. You can love them both!

What is a spittoon?

Spittoons were once common in America, as men expectorated their chewing tobacco. They're still considered quite American.

4th of July is associated with what?

4th of July is associated with fireworks. Never mind that fireworks were invented in medieval China. Just seeing those blasts in the sky makes you think of patriotism.

Which vehicle is most associated with America?

The pickup truck is associated with America. When you see a pickup truck riding through a field of corn, then you think red, white and blue.

There's nothing more American than _____ at a baseball game.

Is there anything more American than peanuts at a baseball game? Peanuts are the legume of America.

Which island is most associated with America?

Ellis Island is a symbol of America, in that all the immigrants once passed through there. Ellis Island is located in the great state of New York.

What food is considered Americana?

BBQ is totally American. There's nothing like a plate of ribs and a side of baked beans to make you love your country.

_____ tractors are a bit of Americana, as well.

John Deere tractors are purely American. In fact, anything made by John Deere reeks of patriotism.

______ cars are a bit of Americana.

Muscle cars are an American pastime. If it's got a powerful engine, then it's very American.

Which breakfast food is most American?

Donuts are also quite American. I mean, when was the last time you traveled to a foreign country and had a good donut?

Which of these is considered Americana?

Rodeos are as American as you can get. Just think of that vast sea of cowboy hats.

Diners, _______ and Dives.

Drive-ins are totally American. Diners and dives happen to be, as well!

The ____ class is American.

The middle class is considered to be very American. Those are our blue collar heroes that keep this country running!

Which holiday is most associated with America?

Thanksgiving is a purely American holiday. That being said, Americans have a great Christmas, too.

Americans love _____ heroes.

Is there anything more American than superheroes? Yes - sports heroes! They're both loved by Americans.

_____houses are a symbol of America.

Don't lighthouses just make you think of the East Coast? They're a totally American, nautical symbol of comfort.

Which of these is part of Americana?

The Boy Scouts are as American as you can get. That being said, boy bands are pretty American too.

Americans love their _____ wings.

Nowhere else in the world are you going to find buffalo wings. At least, not really good buffalo wings.

______, baby!

Vegas, particularly the Vegas strip, are considered purely American. Even in the fact of adversity, no one can take that away from us!

Which sandwich is most associated with America?

Every kid in America has a PB&J in their lunchbox at some point. Where else will you find something so simple and delicious?

Which of these is the King of Beers?

They don't call it the King of Beers for nothing. Budweiser is a very American beer.

The ____-hour work week is very American.

God bless America. We sure do work hard. In fact, we're associated with the 40-hour work week.

Which of these is Motorcycle Americana?

Okay, you don't have to be a Harley fan to appreciate that these bikes are Americana, through and through. And you don't have to be a Hell's Angel, either.

It's easy to get a taste of Americana at a _______.

When you're standing in a buffet line, you're doing something very American. In fact, vast quantities of food, in general, are considered American.

Get your kicks on Route ____.

Route 66 is pure Americana. If you're driving a Ford pickup truck down Route 66, you might as well wear a flag.

Mc_______ is so American!

McDonald's is as Americana as you can get. This fast food chain has been exported around the world, but it's still pure U.S.A.

Which is more American?

Let's be honest, every branch of the U.S. military is Americana at its best. Brave young men serving their country: Americana.

America is known for its ______ ?

America is known for both jazz music and Hollywood movies. Oh, yeah, and Johnny Cash.

Which pants are considered Americana?

You don't get much more American than a pair of blue jeans. That being said, everyone else around the world wears blue jeans too.

____ Bourbon and _____ Whiskey

You want an American beverage? Turn to Kentucky bourbon or Tennessee whiskey. Forget about Pinot Grigio.

Which sausage is most associated with America?

Okay, corn dogs, too. But hot dogs, cheeseburgers and apple pie are all symbols of Americana.

The B-17 _______ is purely American.

Ever seen a B-17 Flying Fortress soaring through the air? Now that's American. Especially when it flies over a football game or parade.

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