Hey Guys, Are You Actually Smooth with Women?

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About This Quiz

Throughout the history of time, men have wondered what it takes to meet and date a woman they are attracted to. A lot of guys think women like a guy that has a lot of money; others believe that they like a guy with a great body; still, others feel that they won't be able to find a woman if they aren't handsome, intelligent, or kind. These are all different things that women find attractive of course, but none of them matter a whole lot if you aren't smooth.

Are you the type that gets nervous around a woman that you like, get all tongue-tied and awkward, and say and do things that you regret later? Or do you always feel totally comfortable around women and seal the deal with ease? Of course, the best way to be smooth with women is to actually just be yourself, but if you lack confidence in who you are, then meeting someone of the opposite sex can be a total nightmare.

We've devised a series of questions that will let you know whether you have mad game or whether you seriously lack in that area. Your results might surprise you. Maybe you're a lot better with women than you think, or perhaps you're way worse. Take this quiz to find out. 

Are you comfortable with who you are?

Do you ever not know what to say in a conversation?

Do you have a particular type of girl you like?

Do people say you're funny?

Are you a good liar?

Do you like to talk about yourself?

Are you a good listener?

Are you a good flirt?

Can you hold your liquor?

Are you good at making eye contact?

Are you good at manipulating people?

Are you good at being who someone else wants you to be?

Do people describe you as needy?

Are you brave?

If an attractive woman was sitting next to you at a bar, could you easily talk to her?

How persistent are you if you want something?

Do you have a lot of women friends?

Could you handle having a woman boss?

Are you comfortable being touched by people you don't know well?

Do you spend a lot of time getting ready for a date?

Have you ever cheated on your partner?

Do you like yourself?

What job would you be best at?

What do women find most attractive?

Have you ever worried that you will be alone forever?

Would you ever just approach a random woman on the street and talk to her?

Do you get along well with female members of your family?

How much time do you spend on social media?

How is your hair?

Who are you most like?

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