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Traveling, fouls and offsides are some basics of American sports. If we give you a short description of the rule, can you match it to the sport? Let's find out!

Eleven players from each team are allowed on the field at one time in what sport?

Football requires that no more than 11 players be on the field at one time per team. A penalty will be assessed if a referee calls the violation.

What sport removes a player once he has missed the ball three times?

This is called a strikeout in baseball. The player must return to the dugout and wait for his next turn at bat.

What sport has a player on a mound?

In baseball, the player on the mound is called the pitcher. It is the pitcher's job to throw balls to the hitter.

What sport prohibits defensive players from hitting the passer after he has released the ball?

Football calls this roughing the passer. The penalty for this violation is 15 yards and an automatic first down.

What sport requires that a player's body not go past the line of scrimmage before the ball is in play?

In football, each team is required to stay behind the line of scrimmage until the ball is snapped. A violation of this rule is called offside, and results in a five-yard penalty.

What sport lets a player advance if he is served four balls outside of the strike zone?

In baseball, a player walks to first base after four balls. A ball is a pitch thrown outside of the strike zone. Sometimes a pitcher will walk a player on purpose.

What sport is played in innings?

Baseball is played in innings. There are nine innings in regular play.

What sport has a rule that prevents the offense from letting the play clock run down?

Football rules refer to this violation as delay of game. The penalty is five yards.

What game removes a player who has accrued too many fouls?

Basketball players are permitted only so many fouls. The NBA allows six fouls per game.

In what sport is it not ok to swing at the ball and miss?

In the game of baseball, a swing and a miss is a strike. Three strikes and the player is out.

What sport is played with a shuttlecock?

A shuttlecock is a cork with feathers attached to form a cone. Sometimes it's called a birdie. Badminton players use rackets to hit the shuttlecock back and forth over a net.

What sport prohibits most players from touching the ball with their hands?

Soccer prohibits most players from touching the ball. Players must move the ball with their bodies. The goalkeeper, however, may touch the ball with his/her hands.

What sport is played in sets?

Volleyball is played in sets. Teams switch sides between sets. A set must by won by two or more points.

What team penalizes players when they argue with an official?

Basketball players may be penalized if they argue with the official. This is called a technical foul.

What sport removes a player from play if he hits a ball that is caught before it touches the ground?

The rules of baseball call this an out. If the batter hits the ball and a player from the opposing team catches it before it bounces, the batter is out.

What sport allows players to use their heads to move the ball?

Soccer players may use their heads and feet to move the ball down the field. They may not, however, use their hands.

What sport frowns on running into the kicker after he has kicked the ball?

This penalty is called roughing the kicker. It carries a penalty of 15 yards and an automatic first down.

What sport prohibits a player from crossing the line of scrimmage and making contact with a player from the opposing team?

Football rules call this violation an encroachment. The penalty is five yards.

What sport is played with a ball that weighs 22 ounces?

NBA basketballs are required to weigh 22 ounces and have a circumference of 29.5 inches. WNBA basketballs are slightly smaller.

What sport lets players steal?

The rules of baseball allow players to steal bases. A base is stolen if a player who is on base successfully makes it to another base while another player is at bat. You knew not to steal tennis balls, right?

Which sport gives a penalty for the movement of an offensive player before the ball is snapped?

Football rules call this violation a false start. The violation carries a five-yard penalty.

What sport allows for three substitutes per game?

Soccer allows for three substitutions per game at the top level of play. This occasionally results in a team playing while down one player.

What sport requires that players hit the ball no more than three times to return it to the opposing team?

Volleyball restricts hits on each side to no more than three. The ball is not allowed to touch the ground and the same player cannot hit the ball twice in succession.

What sport removes a player from play if the opposing team touches him with the ball?

Baseball calls this an out. A player may also be out if an opposing team member touches the base while holding the ball, before the runner touches that base with his foot.

What sport frowns on a defensive player getting in the way of an offensive player's ability to catch a pass?

The rules of football call this violation a pass interference. It carries a penalty of an automatic first down.

What sport prohibits running with the ball?

In basketball, players must dribble the ball. Running with the ball is called traveling.

In which sport must players roll the ball?

In bowling, players roll the ball down a lane to hit as many pins as possible. This is called tenpin bowling.

What sport allows players to send the ball out of the park?

As long as the ball remains between the foul lines, the runner earns a home run with this play. The runner may also bring home any other runners currently on base.

What sport prohibits headbutting with helmets?

This violation is dangerous and carries a penalty of 15 yards and an automatic first down. The violation is called helmet-to-helmet collision.

In what sport must players pass the ball?

Basketball, football and soccer all have a pass feature in the game. Players are encouraged to pass the ball, but there are specific guidelines per sport about how the ball must be passed.

What sport allows opponents to hit each other?

The object of the game in boxing is to be the better fighter. Although the game used to require a knockout, there are other ways to win now.

What sport's play is divided into periods called chukkas?

Polo is a game played on horseback, using mallets. Chukkas are seven minutes each.

What sport sees grabbing another player's face mask as a no-no?

This is a dangerous move, carrying a penalty of 15 yards and an automatic first down. The violation is called a face mask penalty.

In what sport is the ball not allowed to touch the ground?

A ball is out of play in volleyball if it touches the ground. If the opposing team makes the ball touch the ground on the other team's side, that is counted as a score.

What sport awards extra plays to players who have been unceremoniously knocked down by a player from the opposite team?

Basketball awards free throws to fouled players as a penalty for the fouling team. Free throws take place from the free throw line.

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