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Hiccups can very quickly become annoying. There are as many different cures for hiccups as there are causes. Would you like to learn more about how the hiccups work and how to get rid of them? Have a go at this quiz and see how much you know about the hiccups.

How long must you have hiccups for before they can be labeled as persistent hiccups?

Persistent hiccups is the term given to hiccups that last for at least 48 hours. After a month of the hiccups, they are referred to as intractable hiccups. Hiccups can be serious and even fatal, so make sure you see a doctor if you have persistent hiccups.


What is the earliest age you can develop hiccups?

Fetuses may hiccup in the womb before their lungs are fully developed. This could be why many premature babies spend 2.5% of their time hiccupping, which is a lot more than full-term babies hiccup.


What time of the day are you most likely to hiccup?

You are most likely to get hiccups in the evening.


What affects hiccups in women?

Women are more likely to get hiccups in the first two weeks of their menstrual cycle. This is why pregnant women get hiccups a lot less than non-pregnant women. Stress can bring on hiccups in both women and men.


Which nerves control the diaphragm?

Movement and sensation of the diaphragm are controlled by the phrenic nerves. Irritation to these nerves causes the diaphragm to spasm, making the person take a quick, short breath. The epiglottis, a flap that protects the glottis in the windpipe, closes suddenly and creates the hiccup sound.


What is one of the main causes of irritation of the phrenic nerves?

When the stomach is very full and becomes distended, it may press against the phrenic nerves and irritate them.


What type of foods can bring on hiccups?

Spicy foods are particularly irritating to the phrenic nerves. Excessive alcohol consumption and smoking, temperature changes such as having a hot drink or going out into the cold and emotional changes such as stress, excitement or shock can also affect hiccups.


Which of the following can be a cause of persistent hiccups?

There are hundreds of causes of hiccups, but they mostly can be categorized into five main areas: surgery, anesthesia, mental health problems, metabolic problems and central nervous system problems.


According to the Guinness Book of Records, how long did the longest bout of hiccups last?

Charles Osborn earned himself the title in the Guinness Book of Records after 68 long years of hiccupping.


Which process in the body do many hiccup treatments aim to alter?

Many hiccup treatments aim to interrupt the respiratory cycle. It is thought that increasing the amount of carbon dioxide in the blood can distract the body from hiccupping and focuses it on increasing oxygen levels.


Applying pressure to which of the following is used as a treatment for the hiccups?

Applying pressure to the eyeballs is a medical maneuver used to stop persistent hiccups. Pressure may also be applied to the back of the neck and the carotid sinus found in the neck.


One remedy of getting rid of the hiccups is to swallow a spoonful of what?

A spoonful of sugar is used as a remedy for the hiccups.


Where in your mouth should you place a spoonful of sugar to cure the hiccups?

Place the sugar at the back of the tongue. This is where sour is tasted on the tongue. Placing sweet there may overload the vagus nerve so the brain will focus on that and stop the hiccups.


Which part of the body might you put your fingers in to stop the hiccups.

Placing your fingers in your ears may stimulate vagus nerve ends in the auditory system.


What motion might you perform with your tongue to stop the hiccups?

Sticking out your tongue and pulling on it is another recommended hiccup remedy.


Which part of the body should you tickle with a cotton swab to get rid of the hiccups?

Tickle the roof of your mouth with a cotton swab. Also, try getting someone else to tickle your body.


How can you increase carbon dioxide in your body to over-ride the hiccup drive?

Simply holding your breath, or breathing into a paper bag, increases your carbon dioxide levels which may stop your hiccups.


What type of over-the-counter medication may help the hiccups?

Antacids can help with the hiccups.


What ingredient in antacids helps stop hiccups?

Magnesium helps to decrease nerve irritation. It can be found in some antacids.


Consumption of which common type of beverage is known to cause hiccups?

Alcohol damages the lining of the stomach and esophagus. Excessive drinking can also cause the esophagus to expand rapidly, which irritates the phrenic nerve and causes hiccups.


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