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If you don't take care of your feet on a backpacking trip, you're in for some serious pain and suffering. Show us what you know about foot care for trekking in the great outdoors.

Where should your hiking boot be snug?

The midsole should grip your foot and keep it from sliding; when your foot slides, you might get blisters.


Which part of your foot needs a little wiggle room in your hiking boots?

When you hike downhill, you don’t want your toes to hit the front of your boot, so you need some room at the front of the boot.


When should you change socks when hiking?

Wet and dirty socks will rub on your feet and cause you blisters.


In backpacking lingo, what is a "hot spot"?

A hot spot is a spot where your skin is being rubbed. After awhile, that hot spot will become a blister.


What is a recommended treatment for a hot spot that could become a blister?

Covering a hot spot with duct tape, moleskin or a Band-aid can keep it from becoming a blister.


What is a recommended treatment for a fluid-filled blister?

A 2nd skin dressing eases the pain of hiking with a fluid-filled blister.


Which of these statements is a cardinal rule of backpacking foot care?

Playing through the pain may be great advice for a professional athlete, but it's not for a backpacker. If your feet are starting to hurt, stop and treat the problem before it develops into a painful blister.


If your feet are hot while hiking, what is one thing you should do every time you stop?

Hot feet swell, and swollen feet hurt. Elevate them to reduce this swelling.


What is one successful way to alleviate the pain of hiking on a cracked callus?

There are few things that aren't improved with cream cheese, and this happens to be one. Instead, fill the cracks with Super Glue.


What is one hiking benefit of a certain degree of Athlete's foot?

According to the Pacific Crest Trail Association, Athlete's foot eats calluses. But if it eats too much, your skin may be too soft. If it eats too little, your built-up calluses may crack.


According to Backpacker and, how far should you walk in a boot before declaring it to be "broken in"?

If your boots don't feel comfy after 50 miles, consider getting a new pair.


If a blister forms, you should lance it.

True, but only if you do it right! If you keep conditions sterile, lancing a blister will speed the time of healing. If not, you may develop an infection.


What is one thing you should do for your feet when hiking downhill?

Tightening your laces, especially the upper laces, can keep your toes from ramming into the fronts of your boots.


True or false: You should cover a blister with moleskin, duct tape or another adhesive.

Once a blister has formed, try not to cover it with a strong adhesive, as removing something like duct tape can pull the entire blister along with it.


True or false: A stiff boot is more likely to cause blisters than a running shoe.

A softer shoe is likely to conform to your foot, whereas a stiff boot is likely to make your foot conform to it.


What three factors contribute to blister formation?

Rubbing a wet foot across a wrinkled sock will blister even the most seasoned hiker's foot.


Plantars fasciitis is a painful foot condition in which what happens?

With plantars fasciitis, the connective tissue in the sole of the foot becomes inflamed.


Who said, "Perhaps the truth depends on a walk around the lake"?

These words came from modernist poet Wallace Stevens.


Which of the following is not a popular brand of hiking boot?

Though pulling on a pair of hiking boots may sometimes feel as if you've locked your feet in a device from the Spanish Inquisition, no company has yet adopted "Iron Maiden" as a brand name.


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