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This quiz is gonna be legen—wait for it—dary! Legendary! Brush up on your Bro Code and see how much you remember about the many running gags on "How I Met Your Mother."

What is Lily and Marshall's sign that it's time to start a family?

When they finally spot the fifth doppelganger — a guy who looks just like Barney — Lily and Marshall know that the time is right for a baby.


Who is the true Doppelganger Barney?

While the gang has plenty of close encounters with almost-Doppelgangers, the real Doppelganger Barney is a fertility doctor named John Stangel.


Which of the following is NOT one of the five doppelgangers?

Lily's doppelganger is a young exotic dancer, not an elderly lady.


What term does the gang use to describe smoking marijuana?

When the gang indulges in a smoke, Ted uses the term "eating a sandwich" to describe the act — he is telling this story to his kids, after all.


What does the party banner that pops up throughout the series say?

The gang uses an intervention banner to decorate for interventions big and small, from encouraging Ted to end a bad relationship to convincing Marshall to stop wearing a ridiculous hat.


Who came up with the idea of military salutes?

Saluting one another whenever a military term came up in conversation was one of Ted and Robin's inside jokes when they were a couple.


Who is the Slap Bet Commissioner?

To ensure fair treatment of slap bet participants, Lily is selected as the Slap Bet Commissioner.


What's the best holiday for slapping your friends?

As part of a long-running slap bet, Thanksgiving often became Slapsgiving throughout the series.


Which cast member was a former teen pop star?

Before she was Ted's girlfriend, Robin Sherbatsky was a Canadian pop star known as Robin Sparkles.


What was the name of Robin Sparkles' first big hit?

After spending a year promoting "Let's Go to the Mall," Robin developed a lifelong aversion to malls.


Who co-starred with Robin in her second hit, "Sandcastles in the Sand?"

James Van Der Beek played Simon, Robin's former flame and co-star in her second smash music video, "Sandcastles in the Sand."


What did Robin Sparkles call herself after going goth?

Everyone in Canada remembers which Tim Horton's they were in when Robin changed her name to Robin Daggers and debuted the angst-filled "P.S. I Love You."


Who caused Robin to take on the Robin Daggers persona?

While watching "Underneath the Tunes," the gang learns that Robin's obsession with Paul Shaffer was behind her transformation.


What is the Lorenzo Von Matterhorn?

In this classic move from the Playbook, Barney creates a faux famous persona named Lorenzo Von Matterhorn to woo women.


Who finally destroys Ted's favorite cowboy boots?

After finding a copy of the Playbook, Jeanette takes revenge by burning Ted's legendary red cowboy boots.


Who introduces Ted to Robin?

With the classic line, "Have you met Ted?," Barney introduces Ted to Robin, starting a relationship that will span the series.


What is the gang's favorite brand of beer?

When Randy Wharmpess loses his job at Goliath National Bank, he starts his own brand of beer that the gang takes a liking to.


What item represents the Mother as fans eagerly wait to see her face for the first time?

A yellow umbrella appears throughout the series, representing the Mother, until fans finally learn her identity during the final season of the show.


What fruit shows up mysteriously on Ted's nightstand during Season 1?

After Ted wakes up next to a strange girl — he later learns that her name is Trudy — and a pineapple, the group spend countless hours trying to decipher "The Pineapple Incident."


What is Barney's outfit of choice?

Barney is rarely seen without a suit, enjoys telling his friends to "Suit up!" and even sings an ode to the garment called, "Nothing suits me like a suit!"


What is Barney's official job title?

After many seasons of speculation, viewers learn that Barney's job title is PLEASE — for Provide Legal Exculpation and Sign Everything.


What is Ted's least favorite movie?

Ted's not too fond of "The Wedding Bride," which was made by the man who his fiancée Stella left him at the alter for, and stars a character named Jed Mosley.


Barney loves Canada.

Barney's distaste for Canada is a running gag throughout the series, but he finally learns to love Robin's hometown when the two are set to marry.


What percentage of Barney's statistics are totally fake?

Barney loves to spout off statistics when trying to get his way, and most of these statistics involve the number 83 for some reason.


Who is Robin's mortal enemy?

Robin despises her sweet co-worker, leading her to frequently screech, "Nobody asked you Patrice!"


Which member of the gang writes a blog?

Throughout the series, Barney often notes that, "This is going on my blog," prompting CBS to create a real online page called, "Barney's Blog," to tie in with the series.


What is Glen McKenna?

Glen McKenna is the scotch of choice on the show. During the final scene at MacLaren's the cast enjoys a 35-year-old bottle of Glen McKenna.


What instrument symbolizes Ted and Robin's relationship?

On their first date, Ted steals a blue French horn for Robin. In the final episode, he offers it to her as a symbol of their relationship when he wants to give their love another shot.


What brand of soda does the cast drink?

The cast of HIMYM indulges in high-energy Tantrum cola.


What is the most feared creature in NYC?

The cockamouse — a hybrid mouse and cockroach — takes up lodging in Ted and Marshall's apartment.


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