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Like everyone else, Ted Mosby had to kiss a lot of frogs —crazy, inappropriate and just plain wrong frogs — before he found the one. Take our quiz to see how much you remember about the many women who spent time with Ted.

Which girlfriend went with Ted to see "The Wedding Bride?"

Royce sat by Ted's side when he went to see "The Wedding Bride," which told the story of Jed Mosley and was largely inspired by Ted's own life.


Which actress played the role of Royce?

Judy Greer of "Archer" fame played Ted's short-term girlfriend Royce.


What baggage was Royce carrying with her?

Ted dumped Royce after learning about her baggage, which included being left at the altar three times, as well as a serious gambling addiction.


Who was Ted's white whale?

After meeting at a Halloween party, Ted lost Naomi's number, and spent the next decade trying to run into her again.


What's the perfect costume for a guy looking to seduce a promiscuous pumpkin?

Ted wore the same hanging chad costume year after year, hoping to run into the pumpkin-clad Naomi.


Which girlfriend brought an end to Ted's red cowboy boots?

After finding "The Playbook," crazy Jeanette burned many of Ted's belongings, including his beloved red cowboy boots.


What was the name of Ted's college girlfriend?

Laura Prepon played the role of Karen, Ted's college girlfriend who shows up regularly throughout the series.


What was Zoey doing when she met Ted?

Zoey was protesting to protect The Arcadian — a building that Goliath National Bank was planning to tear down.


Who played the role of Zoey?

Jennifer Morrison played Zoey in "How I Met Your Mother." She and Ted eventually broke up when they couldn't agree on the future of the Arcadian.


Which of Robin's TV co-hosts did Ted date?

Ted briefly fell for Becky's baby voice act, but quickly got over her and moved on to his next relationship.


Which of Ted's girlfriends once shared an apartment with the Mother?

When Ted visited girlfriend Cindy at her apartment, he quickly realized he had much more in common with her roommate than with Cindy herself.


Cindy worked at Goliath National Bank.

Cindy — played by Rachel Bilson — was a graduate student in the class Ted was teaching when they started dating.


Which girlfriend was linked to "The Pineapple Incident?"

After a night of heavy drinking, Ted woke up next to a girl named Trudy, with a mysterious pineapple sitting on the nightstand.


Who played the role of Trudy?

Danica McKellar of "The Wonder Years" played Trudy, a one-stand stand who snuck out of Ted's room by climbing down the fire escape.


Who was the last person Ted dated before he met the Mother?

Ted had a fling with "crazy" Jeanette just before he finally met the one.


Who did Ted dump on her birthday?

Ted dumped Natalie on her birthday … then when they got back together later he dumped her once again … also on her birthday.


What's wrong with Cathy?

Ted's relationship with Cathy ends when the gang points out that she never stops talking.


Where does Ted meet Carly?

When Ted wears a leather wrist cuff to MacLaren's, he catches the eye of the much-younger Carly.


Who is Carly related to?

After dating briefly, Ted discovers that Carly is actually Barney's half-sister, which prompts him to break up with her.


Who does Ted take on a two-minute date?

When Stella refuses to date Ted because she is too busy, Ted devises a totally romantic date that takes just two minutes.


How do Ted and Stella meet?

Ted meets dermatologist Stella after booking an appointment with her so he can have the tattoo on his lower back removed via laser.


Stella leaves Ted at the altar.

Ted is left brokenhearted after Stella leaves him at the altar when Tony, the father of her child, asks her to come back to him.


Where does Ted meet Victoria?

Ted meets Victoria at a wedding, where they have one perfect night and she refuses to give him her name or number.


Who does Victoria plan to marry before Ted screws everything up?

Victoria leaves fiancé Klaus at the altar to run away with Ted.


Where does Robin hail from?

Robin — played by Cobie Smulders — is a proud Canadian, much to Barney's dismay.


Who introduces Ted to Robin?

Robin and Ted lock eyes across a bar, prompting Barney to ask her, "Have you met Ted?"


What does Ted steal on his first date with Robin?

Ted steals a blue horn on his first date with Robin. He takes the horn to her in the series finale in an effort to rekindle their old relationship.


Where does Ted meet the Mother?

Ted finally meets the Mother while standing in the rain waiting for a train after Barney and Robin's wedding.


What is the Mother's name?

In the final season of the long-running series, fans learn that the Mother's name is Tracy McConnell.


Who plays the role of the Mother?

Cristin Milioti plays the role of the Mother, who Ted meets, marries and loses in rapid succession on the show.


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