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If you are more comfortable talking about grass or mary jane instead of medical marijuana, it's more likely you were born in the 1960's rather than being a millennial. What a bummer that perfectly good words like "cat" is now described as a "man" or that "far out" means awesome. Do you dig it? 

This new hippie lingo was needed to communicate daily experiences for which there were no precedents. And that includes involvement with the psychedelic revolution and drugs. Words like acid found their way into the language but needed more colorful and appealing terms. Thus fun names like Purple Haze, and Orange Sunshine made the drug sound more attractive. Hippie lingo also borrowed from other cultures including India. That's where you'll find the origin of karma, yoga, ashram, and mantra. And let's not forget the experiences of Vietnam. Terms such as 1-A, 1-O, and 4-F were shorthand to describe your status. Including fit and available to serve in the military (1-A), Conscientious Objector (1-O)or exemption due to mental or physical disability (4-F).

But don't worry, this quiz won't be a bad trip. We're talking about the lingo of beautiful people. You know, the people who wore bell bottoms, bangles and sat on bean bag chairs. Take the quiz now, it will be a blast!

Why would hippies call something "groovy"?

The best and most wonderful things were groovy, such as flower shirts, The Doors and LSD.


What did hippies do with the "boob tube"?

If you were watching the "boob tube," you were simply watching television.


If hippies were having a bad time, what might they say?

If something was a bummer, it was a bad time. "Man, that canceled concert was a real bummer."


What did hippies do with "grass"?

"Grass" was common slang for marijuana, a drug of choice for many involved in the counterculture lifestyle.


Why were hippies always excited about "bread"?

Bread was a term for cash. "Hey man, thanks for the bread. I'm going to buy some grass with it!"


Why did hippies fear the "fuzz"?

The "fuzz" were the cops, and they often harassed hippies for no particularly good reason.


"Cat" was a colloquial term for what?

A cat was a guy. "Check out that cat! He's got the longest beard I've ever seen!"


Why would hippies "tune out" something?

If you tuned out (or ignored) something, it was because it annoyed or disinterested you.


What was another term for groovy?

If something was "fab," it was totally fabulous and great.


What was happening if you were "pigging"?

You might be "pigging out" and eating lots of junk food if you smoked grass.


Why would hippies refer to something as "far out"?

If something was far out, it was totally amazing. "Did you guys hear the Grateful Dead last night? They were far out!"


What did it mean to "flip out"?

Flipping out meant you were really upset. "Man, that cat is flipping out because his girlfriend left him!"


What did it mean to go "tooling"?

If you went "tooling around," you just went driving around for no good reason.


Why would hippies sometimes "book it"?

"Booking it" meant that you were running away, such as if the cops saw you smoking grass on the street.


What would you do if a hippie told you to "gimme some skin"?

"Gimme some skin" was slang for shaking hands, a good way to seal a groovy drug deal.


Why would hippies use the phrase "right on"?

"Right on" was a simple way to say that you agreed with each other. "I think we should cruise over to the head shop." "Right on, man."


How would hippies treat a "flake"?

Flakes were useless people deserving of scorn.


Why would hippies avoid doing "heavy" things?

Serving in the Vietnam War was a heavy thing. Hippies preferred flower power, peace and love.


Why would you choose to not hang out with a "spaz"?

A "spaz" (a take from the word spastic) was a person who freaked out and had a hard time acting normal in social environments.


What was a "mirror warmer"?

If you are really vain and spent a lot of time peering into a mirror, you might be a mirror warmer.


What did it mean if a hippie was "tapped out"?

Typically it meant that he was out of cash, meaning the fun had come to an end.


What did hippies often receive from travel agents?

If you visited your local "travel agent," you could buy LSD (or acid) and then take a "trip."


Why would hippies call something "righteous"?

A "righteous" concert was an amazing musical event. Righteous was used to describe anything great.


Hippies referred to female significant others using what term?

They often called their girlfriends "mama." "What do you think of my foxy mama?"


"Boss" was a very bad thing in the 60s.

If something was "boss," it was the ultimate in cool. If you could have your way, everything would be totally boss.


Why would "bogarting" give you a bad reputation?

If you bogarted a joint, it meant you were holding the marijuana too long instead of passing it to your friends.


What was a "hodad"?

In beach communities, hodads were hippies who didn't participate in surfing.


Why were hippies disappointed in their friends who gave up to "The Man"?

"The Man" referred to the establishment and the authorities. If you went to work for "The Man," it meant you took a normal corporate job.


What was something that was "way out"?

If you couldn't comprehend something, it was way out. "The idea of little green men visiting Earth? Man, that is way out."


What was a freak flag?

Growing your hair long was a "freak flag," a sign that you were part of the counterculture.


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