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Back when he was in college, Josh met a man named Hippie Rob. Over the course of time Josh lost touch with Rob, but has immortalized him as a character on Stuff You Should Know. Think you're a true fan? Test your Hippie Rob knowledge and prove it.

Here's an easy one. In which Stuff You Should Know episode does Hippie Rob make his first appearance?

Josh first mentions Hippie Rob in the Squatting episode. Rob was squatting on Josh's couch for a time.


Josh decided that it was about time for Rob to leave the couch and get back onto his own two feet. Josh and Rob drove to a store to buy what to hasten this transition?

Josh took Rob to Kmart and gave Rob $20 toward the purchase of a tent for Rob to use to live in the woods (and off Josh's couch).


In the Earthquakes episode, Josh mentioned that Hippie Rob did some time. Which of these famous prisons has held Rob?

Hippie Rob was initially sent up the river to serve time in San Quentin but had the incredible stroke of luck of being shipped off with other nonviolent offenders to Folsom Prison while it was being earthquake-proofed.


What is the name of Hippie Rob's dog?

At the end of the Kleptomania episode, Josh mentions Hippie Rob's dog, a wolf mix named Sedona. Sedona is arguably the smartest dog Josh has ever met.


To which movie does Josh liken his dropping Rob off in the woods and leaving him to fend for himself?

Josh likens that particular time he parted ways with Rob to the scene where the android David is abandoned in the woods in the film A.I. Artificial Intelligence. It's less sad, though.


What is the distinction that proves that the description of a Hippie Rob sent in by a listener from Maine in the Kleptomania episode is not the Hippie Rob Josh knows?

While there is apparently more than one person running around called Hippie Rob, there is only one that Josh knows and he most decidedly does not hate alcohol.


When he was staying on Josh's couch, what kind of beer did Hippie Rob prefer when he was buying?

Hippie Rob preferred Milwaukee's Best Ice when he had to shell out for beer; far less expensive than the Sierra Nevada that Rob drank when Josh was buying.


If one were on the lookout for Hippie Rob, what color of hair would one be looking for?

Josh says in the listener mail segment of the Kleptomania podcast that Hippie Rob has strawberry blonde hair.


Josh says he met his friend Hippie Rob when he was in college. What university did Josh attend?

Josh met Hippie Rob while living in Athens, Ga., home of the University of Georgia and their world-class football team, the Bulldogs. Chuck went to UGA too, by the by.


Hippie Rob didn't get his name for no reason. True to his roots, he was into jam bands. Which of these jam bands' did Josh and Hippie Rob frequently go to see together?

While Hippie Rob was a dyed-in-the-wool Deadhead, he and Josh only ever went to Widespread Panic shows together.


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