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Some projects are too complex to do yourself. When you decide to make a major home improvement, you'll want to hire a contractor. But why not just hire all of the subcontractors yourself, and cut out the middle man? Take our quiz to learn more about the difference between hiring a contractor and collecting a bunch of subcontractors yourself.

The main purpose of a contractor is do which of the following?

A contractor is basically a project manager. The contractor makes sure all of the right people -- subcontractors -- are on the job.


How do you know when a project is too difficult for you to do on your own?

Some projects are beyond the scope of a do-it-yourself approach. If there are special skills involved, such as plumbing, electrical wiring, or roofing, you're better off hiring a contractor to do it right the first time.


A contractor is to a subcontractor as a wedding planner is to which of these?

Just like a wedding planner doesn't actually bake the wedding cake, the contractor doesn't actually work on the project. They're both in charge of finding the right people for the job.


Who pays the insurance and employment taxes of the subcontractor's staff?

Subcontractors are basically self-employed workers who hire out their services to contractors. They must, therefore, pay their own insurance and taxes.


Why don’t contractors increase the size of their staff, rather than work with subcontractors?

For many contractors the cost of keeping a full-service staff is prohibitive. Contractor usually maintain a small staff of laborers, and get subcontractors for the rest.


When looking for the right contractor, you should find one with which of these important qualities?

You should always hire a contractor with plenty of experience doing the kind of project you want done. Ask to see a portfolio before hiring any contractor.


Who assumes liability for work-related injuries when you hire your own subcontractors?

The law requires that you assume full liability for work-related injuries on your property, unless the subcontractors are hired by a licensed contractor.


What is one of the most important benefits of hiring a contractor?

It's nice to know that if anything does go wrong during the project, it's the contractor's responsibility to fix the problem at no added cost to you.


Lien laws are designed to protect whom?

Lien laws protect contractors against homeowners who won't pay for services provided. There are legal avenues to take when a dispute arises between you and the contractor, but withholding payment isn't the way to go.


To avoid financial disputes with a contractor, you should do which of the following?

You have the right to ask for your contractor's professional credit history. Make sure this isn't someone with a serious history of financial problems, who might just be taking you for a ride.


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